8 reasons you should start a T-shirt business at university
Nov 08, 2016 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

They say hindsight is 20/20 and when it comes to how I spent my time at university, that couldn’t be any more true.

Sure, there are plenty of things I wouldn’t change for the world- the big Wednesday evenings that you can’t do in the world; taking advantage of the huge number of sports on offer; even the occasional seminar was interesting… 

On the other hand, there are some things I would definitely change. Writing 10,000 words in a caffeine-fuelled weekend. The all-day Thursday hangovers. Going charity hitchhiking and being stranded in the rain at 3AM.

The one thing I wish I had done the most when I had unimaginable free time, paid-for rent, and was surrounded by enthusiastic professionals, was start a business.

Starting a business is not only a great way to make money, but also an exciting way to learn new skills that prepare you for the future, or even form the foundation for a business that will help you avoid the rat race for the rest of your life.

Starting a business is great, and with Moteefe it has never been easier. Here’s 8 reasons why you should start a T-shirt business at university...


1) You've got the time

Free time

Although it might not feel like it sometimes between hangovers, 9AM lectures and last-minute coursework, one of the your biggest assets at university is free time. You can easily find a couple of hours a week to take your first steps into social commerce, learn some valuable skills, and, most importantly, make some extra money in a far more interesting and valuable way than working behind a bar.

Even better, unlike working shifts, you can set your own hours and earn when you want to. No more missing socials because you’re working behind the bar- now you can earn money on your own terms and at a time that works for you!


2) There are no start up costs

No costs to start

If there’s one thing students are short on, it’s money… Although we can help you with that in the long term, in the short term, the benefit of Moteefe is that you don’t need to spend money on custom t-shirts that you don’t sell.

Since you’ve already got a student loan to pay for your living costs, the risk of starting a business is hugely reduced- it’ll be a much bigger risk with a full time job and a mortgage.


3) There are people all around that can help

 help at university

The number of different skills you can find at your university is mind boggling. Why not speak to your friends interested in e-commerce or design, or get in touch with your university art society or marketing club?

Moteefe offers you a great chance to do something exciting and profitable with your friends and branch out to make new relationships. With all of the skills around you, you’ll always have help on hand, and if else fails, Moteefe has relationship managers, advertising specialists, and graphic designers on hand to give you advice or assistance.


4) Get valuable commercial experience

getting work experience at university 

Although your degree is hugely important, if we’ve learnt anything from endless graduate interviews; extracurricular activities and real-world experience are king when looking for your first post-university job.

Commercial understanding and business acumen isn’t something you can learn in a classroom and if you can explain what you’ve done successfully, you’re sure to blow interviewers away.

Starting a T-shirt business can give you a great understanding of business basics, from profit and loss to advertising and sales. Employers love all of these skills and if you can talk about what you know and why, you’re not only earning money but you’re setting yourself up for the future.


5) It's a chance to round out your education

Boost your education 

The best way to learn is by doing. Have you ever thought of trying out graphic design or social media marketing? Have you ever wanted to develop a new skill or learn about business while studying a humanities degree?

University offers loads of opportunities to learn new skills: check out your university’s clubs, make use of their labs and speak to lecturers and experts. You’re already paying for your degree, so why not take advantage of all of the other opportunities and facilities that you’re paying for?


6) You're surrounded by customers

Make use of your customers 

Between university societies and the all the new friends you’ll make over your time at university, you’ll always find a captive audience on campus. Have a think about who you could sell to, whether it’s a design that will appeal to a group of your friends, a specific niche club, or the entire university, there are potential customers all around you!


7) It gives you a chance to give back

Help the less fortunate 

University is also a great opportunity to think about what you can do for other people. Why not run a charity campaign, or use Moteefe to run a t-shirt campaign sponsoring a charity event like Jailbreak?

In addition to raising money for an important cause that you believe in, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn new skills, a greater understanding of how a business works, and it’ll look fantastic on your CV when the time comes to join the working world.


8) It's an opportunity to do what you love

business you enjoy

When everyone else is thinking about Grad Schemes and worrying about how far their first salary is going to go in London, why not consider something different? A T-shirt business run through Moteefe gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule. Rather than working for someone else, why not consider starting your own business and working toward your own success?



If you’re interested, why not give it a go? With no startup costs, the chance to earn a lot of money while developing useful skills, and with the time and opportunities that University life offers, there’s no reason not to! Check out www.moteefe.com for more information.

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