Facebook Ad Copy: Converting in 8 seconds or less
Dez 11, 2016 - MARKETING
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

We know it’s hard to stay focused in a world full of pocket-sized distractions. In fact, we now seem to have a lower attention span than goldfish! Wait... Have we already lost you?

With the world becoming distracted by anything longer than a Vine, it’s even more difficult to hold onto people’s attention. Since it’s so much harder to make people pay attention for longer than eight whole seconds (it’s exhausting just saying all of that), we’re going to show you how to convert consumers into customers before they get distracted. 

So, before you get distracted...  

Be direct

The best word to use on Facebook ads is ‘You’. Draw their attention by being direct. You may not be right there in the room with them (or at least we hope not), but you can still talk to them as though you are. 

You can live in luxury. Buy your 100% cotton custom t-shirt before offers end.’ 

You too can live in style. Order your new designer phone case, now.’

YOU can feel like a king with a custom mug. Own your new chalice today.’

Okay, maybe we got a little carried away there, but the point still stands. Once you have their attention, you can start to sell your custom products. Of course, selling products online isn’t as simple as just using the word ‘you’ in your adverts. 

Don’t be afraid to get a little emotional with your Facebook ad copy. We know you’re a person with feelings, so show your customers that as well. You already know who you’re targeting with Facebook Ads (hint: your niche audience), so your ads should be personalised for them. 

Dove created a truly inspiring marketing campaign ‘real beauty.’ which empowered women with the message: you aren’t defined by your makeup. The campaign was a huge success because of its emotional impact.

Dove's marketing campaign 

We know you aren’t a multi-million dollar company, yet (dream big), but you can still use emotion for your social commerce marketing strategy. In fact, being a lone-wolf while selling custom products online will make things a little better for you. It’s easier relating to one person than an entire company.

Stay short and sweet

As we mentioned earlier, the modern person is easily distracted. That’s why it’s best to keep your Facebook ad copy short. As your ad copy gets shorter, your message has to become clearer. Otherwise people aren’t going to understand what you’re selling.

For the best results, headlines should be just 5 words. We know, 5 words doesn’t seem like much. Especially when you need to:

  • Grab their attention 
  • Convince them they want your custom product
  • Make them want to buy it immediately
  • Get them to click

Don’t forget though, words are powerful. 5 words is actually more than enough to sell products online. You don’t have to become the Shakespeare of ad copy to improve your conversion rates. Fortunately not us, there are a few ways to maximise conversion rates for your Facebook ad copy.  

1. Don’t try to be clever, just be clear

There are a lot of Facebook adverts which try to clever with their copy. There’s nothing wrong with being funny or smart in your adverts. However, the problem comes when you try too hard and the message of your advert is lost. 

It’s better to be clear in your copy than it is to be clever. You don’t want all those potential customers to see your Facebook ad and scroll past because they don’t know what you’re trying to sell them. Your Facebook ad copy needs to tell people exactly what they’ll be getting by clicking on the link and how much they can get it for.

Remember, you only have 8 seconds to convince people to buy your custom products, so you need to make it clear what you’re selling. 

2. Include a top-notch CTA

If you stick to having 5 words in your title, then you’ll need to make strong use of CTAs. Facebook ads have a built-in call-to-action option. This allows you to save those precious characters in your title and description.

Just having one on your ads could increase your conversion rates by up to 2.8x. So it’s important to pick the correct one for your advert. It’s a good thing that Facebook gives you a selection to choose from then isn’t it?

Moteef and call to actions 

You’ll probably want to use “Shop Now” or “Learn More” for selling products online, but it’s worth having a look at the others - just in case.

You can learn more about using CTAs to increase conversion rates by clicking here.

3. Don’t use complicated language

We know this might seem similar to our first point, but we really want to emphasise how important it is to make your Facebook ad copy clear. You have a maximum of 8 seconds before they get distracted. So you don’t want people to spend half of that time just trying to understand what you’re trying to say.  

Use short, simple, words to make it clear that you’re selling a custom product. You should assume that people won’t have any knowledge about what you’re selling. Put your message in a way that anyone can understand. 

4. Lead with the numbers

People love numbers. By now, everyone should know that you’re trying to sell them a custom t-shirt. What they don’t know is how much it costs, whether you’re offering a discount or how much that discount is.

Using numbers on your adverts 

If you’re selling products online it’s a good idea to lead with numbers. If your product is cheap, then show the world, shout it from the rooftops - “Only €9.99 for your luxury t-shirt”. 

(Disclaimer: turns out people don’t like you shouting great deals from their rooftops)

5. Look at the competition

Everyone has competition. If only we lived in a world where you could be the only one selling personalised products online. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Chances are, you’ll have competition who has been around longer than you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them to help us.

If you competition does have more experience than you, then they’ll be well on their way to optimising their Facebook Ad copy. However, this also means that you’ll have some examples of what might work for you. Scroll through adverts from your competition and if an ad catches your eye just think ‘Why did that make me stop’.

We’re not saying you should directly copy the adverts for their custom products (that would be a bad idea). We’re saying you should look at what they did well and take notes. You’ll then have a list of ideas to inspire your ad copy which you can optimise using these tips.

Time to get started

Honestly, it’s incredible we made it this far without being distracted, but just in case there were a few distractions, let’s do a quick recap. For selling custom products online, your Facebook ad copy should be: 


  • Speaking to your audience directly using the word ‘You’
  • Use emotion and personality where you can in your ads to engage with people


  • Don’t be clever and don’t use flowery language
  • Keep your message short and clear
  • Make good use of a Call-to-Action
  • Show off discounts and prices with numbers


  • Check out what your competition is doing
  • Make a list of the pros and cons of their Facebook Ad copy
  • Use the list and these tips to make copy that converts in 8 seconds or less

For an idea of how this looks, we put together a few quick examples for you to have a look at:

Moteef advert example

Christmas Facebook ad example 

Phone case ad example

Moteef ad example

Phone case Facebook ad example

New year new you ad example

If you have any questions or just want to chat then you should check us out at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook. Or if you want to get started with your very own ad copy, you’ll need to have a campaign, so have a look at our design builder.

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