Facebook Ad Frequency: How Often is Too Often?
Feb 07, 2017 - MARKETING
Jorge Lopes

Turns out people don’t like adverts, who knew? Nearly 200 million people use ad blocking services worldwide, so it’s best not to bombard the people who DO see your ads with too many of them.

That’s why it’s time you learned about your advert Frequency.

What is Ad Frequency?

Simply put, your Facebook Ad Frequency is the average number of times each person sees your advert. You can work it out easily by dividing your Impressions (how many times your ads were shown to people) by your Reach (how many unique people your ad was shown to).

Ad Frequency how many times you see an ad

So in this example it would be 2,728 divided by 2,242 which gives you your average frequency of 1.22.

It’s an average number rather than an exact one because some people might see your ad 1 time and others may see it 2 or 3 times, but those differences aren’t too important when you reach enough people.

Where do you find Frequency?

Thankfully Facebook doesn’t make you do the maths every time you want to find your advert frequency. In fact, the lovely people at Facebook do it all for you in the Ads Manager.

Manage facebook adverts

From there you can find out the frequency of all your adverts by clicking on the ‘Columns’ drop down and selecting ‘Delivery’.

filters on your facebook ad manager

You ad frequency will be shown right there next to your Reach and Impressions. Nice and easy.

So what’s wrong with a high frequency?

Banner Blindness

On the internet, adverts are EVERYWHERE and when you’re exposed to them so often you start to automatically ignore them. This is called banner blindness.

According to eMarketer, 40% of men and 50% of women don’t pay attention to social media or search engine ads at all. So if your Facebook advert is popping up too often, then people are going to start ignoring it. That means fewer clicks and higher costs.

It’ll make people mad

When your ads are shown to someone enough times, they’re either interested and have clicked on it or they don’t care. Unfortunately, throwing more Facebook ads at those people isn’t going to change their minds.

In fact it’ll actually just make them angry and more likely to report your ad or leave negative feedback on it (which makes your ad much less effective).

What’s a good Frequency?

You should probably start making a few changes when your ad frequency gets close to 5. Sometimes you can get away with going a little over 5, but it’s very specific to your niche audience, as a rule though you should never go above 10.

How do you fight high frequency?

Try re-designing your adverts with different colours and wording so that they look different from your old ones so that you can stop the effects of banner blindness on your ads. You can also try editing your niche audience slightly to target new people.

You should also make sure you’re not targeting people who have already made a purchase (they’re probably not going to buy the same thing twice). If you need help finding out how to do this, you can learn about Facebook Custom Audiences here.


You Facebook Ad frequency is an important factor for maintaining a low cost per click but more importantly a good relationship with your niche audience. Keep in mind:

  • It’s good to have a frequency below 5
  • You can keep your frequency low by changing ad design and your audience
  • This will help you avoid banner blindness and stop consumers from being annoyed

If you have any questions about your Facebook Ads don’t be afraid to ask us at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook or by emailing us at talktome@moteefe.com.

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