NEWS: Amazon Web Services S3 outage affects thousands of websites
Feb 28, 2017 - NEWS
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

It doesn’t happen often but when Amazon Web Services (AWS) goes down, so does half the internet. Slack, Trello, Giphy and other websites have been suffering a variety of issues since 09:44 PST (17:11 GMT), including us here at Moteefe.

The exact reason for the downtime with its S3 cloud storage is unknown and may take some time to fix. Based in Virginia, USA, Amazon Web Services is used around the world on various websites for a number of reasons - some businesses are seeing minor image issues while others have lost their entire backend services.

According to the AWS dashboard, all is currently running smoothly so the outage may have even affected their own reporting systems. For sellers on Moteefe, the AWS fix could take a matter of time and we’ll be doing all we can to implement a workaround in the meantime.

Hold tight while the internet tries to fix itself...


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