Which is the best platform to use for social commerce?
Nov 09, 2016 - MARKETING
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Social commerce grew by a whopping 26% at the start of last year, and is expected to keep growing over 2016/17. So it’s best to make sure you use the right social platform for you, so you can tap into this booming market.

Here at Moteefe, we want to help you maximise your campaign’s potential so that we can #wintogether. We’re going to show you how the top 3 social media platforms perform, and how they can help your social commerce strategy, but first... 

What is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce is the use of social media to sell products online. In a study of UK Marketers by Greenlight, they found that 52% of digital marketers believe social commerce will be the fastest growing trend in 2016.

Since the invention of the smartphone, social media has been constantly accessible by nearly everyone across the world and marketers use this to find their audiences and promote their products.

 Each social media platform has different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to make sure you pick the right platform for your marketing needs. The top 3 platforms for social commerce are:

  • Facebook - The Goliath of Social Commerce, with the largest user base and the most data on their customers
  • Pinterest - An up and comer with truly fantastic marketing opportunities despite it having significantly fewer users
  • Instagram - Getting natural with a high priority on organic traction, they have the best engagement rates of all the platforms  

So, let’s figure out which one is the best fit for your campaign...

the best social commerce platforms 


Facebook is the largest of the top 3 platforms as it holds 64% of all social revenue which is hardly surprising since it also has the largest audience with over 1.7 billion monthly active users giving you much more choice when looking for a niche audience.

Social media platforms gather a lot of data about their users, Facebook specifically gathers the personal information and interests of their users to provide content that keeps people using the platform (this also increases the amount of adverts they see).

 Facebook user information

This information can be accessed and used by you for your marketing needs in the form of paid adverts so you can create ads which appeal directly to your specific niche audiences interests. Creating ads for your niche will increase your click-through-rate and conversions because consumers will care about what they see.

Tailoring your marketing for each consumer is important because the wide use of smartphones means that they’ll be able to see your adverts wherever they are. The data that Facebook provides will help you create an ad that is relevant enough to your potential customers to get them to stop and click even when they’re on the move. 


This platform is the most powerful social commerce platform available for skilled marketers but it has one of the smallest user bases. Pinterest has 110 million monthly active users and yet it has the highest conversion rate with 87% of users having completed a purchase as a result of the platform.

 market on Pinterest

The platform is designed for marketers and shoppers with a focus on visuals so it is a fantastic way to boost conversion rates especially since consumers will be able to see your products.

93% of pinners use the platform to research and plan new purchases so creating or sharing pins that are useful and relevant to your niche will make your brand stand out.

Pinterest is making improvements to the way you can market on their platform by adding new features to increase usability such as: 

  • New Pin types including, buyable pins, promoted pins, rich pins and cinematic pins
  • Opening up the use of promoted pins for wider use by businesses
  • Adding new interests to their advert targeting features

They’re also interested in adding email targeting, so you’ll be able to send emails promoting your products to people who have already purchased from you. You could also target people who abandoned their cart at the checkout screen. 


Instagram has about 500 million monthly users and boasts the highest organic engagement rate with 68% of users interacting with their favourite brands. Having higher engagement rates increases your organic reach significantly as people want to share their favourite brands..

instagram engagement 

Not only does Instagram have better natural engagement, its user base is still growing with a 15% increase this year. With Instagram’s usage growing so much, now is an ideal time to get started using the platform to sell products online especially since only 36% of marketers use the platform.

This gives you the chance to stand out early by creating a strong advertising campaign. Instagram’s focus on visual media, gives your adverts the chance to be creative and colourful to draw the attention of Instagram users.

Have a look at Sonic’s #SquareShakes campaign, it’s a great example of this. They used Instagram’s visual media to promote their brand in a unique way that appealed to the platform’s users. 


The best option for you will vary based on your marketing strategy, if you just want to increase sales of a single product, Facebook Adverts will help you reach more people. If you want to create a catalog for your business, Pinterest will encourage people to browse your options. If you want to boost organic reach and engagement, the growing Instagram will give you the best chance.

Using social commerce will help you reach vast audiences, all you need to do is make sure you’re using the right on for your business goals. If you have any questions, come ask us at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook or check out our blog if you want to learn more.

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