Seller Tiers: Climb to the top
Okt 07, 2016 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

With Moteefe, you can turn skills and talents into a great source of income. Great customer satisfaction globally, on time delivery, high quality products and great ratings across the board. From today, we want to give you the opportunity to earn new level status and benefits. Our brand NEW Seller Tier system makes it easy to earn more money on the platform than ever before.


As a seller on Moteefe, when you sell products, in addition to earning profits and success, you will now earn tier points. Tier points allow you to earn seriously rewarding Moteefe benefits. So the more apparel you sell, the more points you’ll earn which means you will progress to the next Tier. The higher the tier, the better the benefits.

One Apparel Sold

How do I get from Bronze to Silver?

It’s easier than you think to achieve a Tier climb every month.

Earn 300 Tier points (sell 300 units) in a calendar month and you will reach Bronze
Earn 1,000 Tier points (sell 1,000 units) in a calendar month and you will reach Silver

Why calculate tier points in 1 month?

Tier points are calculated at the end of every month, and if you hit your targets you will be upgraded. Your account will be automatically upgraded once you have achieved the required tier points for a higher tier. You could jump from Bronze to Gold or Silver to Diamond within a month.

Points are made

When do tier points expire?

Your points don’t expire. However, you need to hit certain targets each month to maintain your status. If you are a Bronze seller, you will need to sell at least 100 units per month to keep that Tier.

  • If sellers fail to hit this monthly minimum, we lower accounts to the previous tier.
  • If sellers fail to hit their targets over two consecutive months, they will be contacted by their account manager via email to see how we can help.

Let’s look at some more examples:

To reach the gold tier, you have to sell 2,000 units between the first and last day of any month. After that you need to sell at least 400 units per month (every month indeed) to stay in gold. If you sell 4,000 units you move up to Black, if you sell less than 400, you move down to Silver.

The monetary benefits are uncapped so make sure you keep on increasing your tiers by selling every month. We want to win together with our loyal customers, just another way to say thank you.

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