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Oct 17, 2016 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith


With Facebook having over 1.3 billion active users, Instagram over 500 million active users and Twitter over 313 million users social media is easily the best way to reach a vast audience.

Whether you want to become a social butterfly or just want to make a bit of a buzz, it can be tough to build up an effective social media account. We’ve scoured the web and have found a few companies that will help you setup your business with a quality social media account, that can potentially turn into a selling platform for your dream job.


Social media gathers massive amounts of data about your potential customers, like what they’re interested in and how they feel about you and your brand. This is hugely valuable to you as an entrepreneur because knowing more about your customers means you’re more likely to be able to produce designs they’re interested in.

Innocent drinks are a huge social media success and they do this by interacting with fans directly and creating real-time marketing campaigns that match their innocent brand name. By taking a less direct marketing approach they create a more engaged community, resulting in happy and loyal customers. Check out their update for the launch of the Iphone 6:

 Innocent drinks social media success


So who can help you with social media...

When you first decide to start using social media to expand and grow your business it’s hard to know which tools can help you out the most when you need some extra help. We’ve found some great companies that help you utilise and develop your social media presence so you can focus on creating and selling shirts.


Buffer is a fantastic tool in the internet marketing scene, here at Moteefe we use Buffer to help us manage our Twitter/Instagram/Facebook account and we couldn’t imagine life without it. It has a range of features including:

  • Allowing you to schedule posts for your social media accounts according to times which suit you and your business’ needs. (Great if you want to focus on different time zones)
  • Arranging posts multiple times a day, weeks in advance, meaning that you can maintain an active presence on social media even during your busiest times.
  • Buffer offers a solid analytic system which lets you to see which are your most and least popular campaigns as well as how much engagement you are receiving from your fans on each post.

Buffer in use

Buffer offers packages that range in features and price from free to $400 a month but if you’re just starting out the $10 package would be more than enough. 


Jooicer is an analytic tool for Twitter which allows you to create and manage your own marketing strategy. You can find specific Twitter accounts to market to based on audience interests, location and language.

 It takes out all the effort of finding your specific audience and increases the chances of you having a highly engaged audience who really care about your business. Jooicer also offers some great maintenance based features such as removing old, non-active followers.

Jooicer in use

Jooicer offers a base price of $9 a month with a larger package at $29 as well as a Custom option if you need more options than what’s available.


Quuu works best alongside the use of a post scheduling service like Buffer, because it finds you relevant content to post on social media.

The idea of Quuu is to create a list of of interests for you and your audience, they will then hand pick content that matches your list and upload it to your Buffer account.


This makes the whole content curation part of your marketing automatic as well as scheduling content for you to upload. If you ever want to remove pieces of content from the upload schedule, you can do so in Buffer.

Quuu is available for free.



Cyke is THE analytic tool and boasts countless features to monitor and give reports on almost every aspect of your business that you might need.

Cyfe can track anything from:

  • The number of new signups or subscriptions 
  • Brand mentions 
  • Facebook demographics
  • Followers over time and more

If you’re looking for a detailed report of your social media activity and its effectiveness, then this tool will get the job done nicely.


Cyfe is available (but limited) for free, or to access all of it’s features it’s $19 a month



IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’ which is exactly how their service works. They allow you to set up conditions which result in an action taking place. For example, if you want to send out a tweet every time you post a new update on Facebook, this tool would do it for you automatically.


Streamlining the uploading process means that you can focus on selling shirts and expanding your business while your social media accounts update themselves.

IFTTT is available for free.

Time to be social

Social Media has a strong influence over millions of people all over the world and using it to  to find and engage with a large audience is the best way to market yourself and your business. Using some of these tools, you should be well on your way to growing your social media influence and creating an engaged and loyal fan base to sell to so that you can start building your own successful business.

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