Conversion Rate Booster
Jun 13, 2017 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Every marketer understands the importance of increasing their conversion rates and constantly A/B testing!
We have all seen this phrase everywhere: Test, Test, Test

We have made big strides in optimising our conversion rates on Moteefe with recent updates including:

  • A faster page load speed
  • 3D mockups (they are converting like crazy!)
  • A new countdown timer 
  • Optimised image generation
  • Optimised checkout process
  • More payment options (6 in total)


A huge conversion driver for any page is the CTA button. Moteefe now gives you the flexibility to test it. 

You can find them on the last step of the campaign launcher. Here is how it works:  



The amazing thing is that the CTAs will translate automatically in all our languages so it will show to the right buyers to increase your conversion rates. Here are the translations:


So which CTAs are converting best? 

Conversion rates on campaign vary widely from 3% to 10%. There is a ton of variation per niche, country and type of audience. The only way to know is to test for your audience! 

We have done some initial testing with campaigns in different countries and so far, results have varied from niche to niche and country to country. The biggest difference? A 22% increase in conversion rate between 2 CTAs.

We are currently building some data and we will share some results when we can.

Happy selling!



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