Success Stories: Dominik Schreiber
Nov 21, 2016 - SUCCESS STORIES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Get inspired by the best and brightest custom merchandise success stories in the UK and beyond. Read our interviews with leaders in the industry and how they got started, where they get their ideas from, and how they got it off the ground. 

Our first edition features Dominik Schreiber from Austria who recently increased his sales on Moteefe by 500% in under six months. Here is what Dominik said...

What made you decide to start selling products online?

About a year ago (in November 2015) I was looking into how I could make money online in my spare time, I had a full-time job, but I wanted to supplement my income. At that time I just wanted to know if I was able to earn a reasonable income online, as it seemed a bit surreal to me.

I started by googling ‘How to make money online’ and found countless ways. One of the most popular results was from Reto Stuber, who told his story about selling t-shirts online, without the need of fulfilling them and not worrying about customer service. He also sold a video course – which I decided to try out.

What has been your main goal selling products online?

In the beginning my main goal was just to see if I could sell 1 shirt. I got the first sale very fast but at a big loss as I had to spend about 80€ to get it! But the feeling was overwhelming. I can remember my first profitable campaign – it had 10 sales and it felt fantastic, I clapped my hands and shouted out loud.

After a few months I became much more successful and my goals always progressed. My main goal at the moment is to have a large enough income from my business to pay for my living expenses.

What kind of challenges did you face when trying to start your business? How did you overcome these?

Early on it was very difficult to get sales because I didn’t know anything about Facebook marketing, I wasn’t good at designing, and I didn’t understand my audience. I knew that I had to make use of Facebook Adverts from the video course I tried, however I didn’t know how to optimise them to maximise their value. I had to keep testing my adverts to get a feeling for what worked, that was one of the most important factors for getting started.

Another challenge was finding good looking designs. It took me a very long time to find a designer that worked with my ideas, but in the end it was worth the work. I found a fantastic artist who was able to bring my ideas to life perfectly.

How did you learn about marketing for e-commerce? What strategy has worked best for you so far?

The t-shirt video course I tried included a Facebook Marketing tutorial that covered the basics – however you always have to optimise your skills as the profitable tactics will keep changing. All I can say that you have to test, test and test again to see what works and what brings the best results for you. 

What hasn’t worked for you and you would tell any newbie to avoid?

Avoid emulating designs and concepts. I did this myself in the beginning because I thought ‘Wow that guy sold thousands of pieces with that ugly design! I can do it too’. But it’s not just the design that sells, you need to put a lot of effort into the marketing and advertising to get the best results and you need to have a niche audience to sell to.

Try to be a part of your niche audience, see what your niche loves and what they hate. Bring their problems or preferences to your designs with a funny quote or image, and you will start to gain traction and lots of organic interaction. I chose to focus on just a few niches and go very deep in them.

What are the first steps for a newbie looking to start selling products online?

First, it’s vital that you find a niche audience. The easiest way is to find a niche that you are already a part of, think of what you’re passionate about and where you understand the needs and problems of the audience. After that do some research, look on Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. for quotes, jokes and memes that relate to your niche. Save the best and most relevant designs and quotes, and when you’re finished choose the best 3 for inspiration. Then you can build an original concept based on your results that appeals directly to your niche. Send it over to your designer (if you use one) and start launching! 

August was a record month for you, where did most of those sales come from?

Most of those sales came from Lookalike Audiences of my main targeted audience. It was when I started testing with Lookalike Audiences. It cost me a lot of money at the start but after the testing phase I had great results to work with and I could focus my spending on the AdSets that brought me the best results. That was a game changer. I was always worried about increasing my AdSpent from ~30€ a day to 300€ per day as I thought it would be a waste if I didn’t get any sales. But if you test your AdSets with a smaller budget until you start seeing positive results, then it will work out even better when you scale up your spending. It’s important to only scale an ad set that has good results. Otherwise you just waste your money and time. 

What made you pick Moteefe and how did Moteefe help you achieve your goals?

When I got into the t-shirt business I started with another company. After about 2 months I heard from Moteefe and decided to look into them further as their profit margins for sellers were better (I cared about every Cent at the time). I made the decision to place a test order and I really liked the quality of the products.

One day I got a message from Moteefe’s support team who asked if they could help me with my campaign. I accepted the offer and had a few skype calls with different people who helped me with my general thoughts and taught me how to best use facebook advertising to market my designs better.

That was the first moment I knew that the people at Moteefe really care about their sellers. That’s the biggest benefit of Moteefe, their support! The profits are also extremely good, but in my opinion the price isn’t the first thing you should look at. The most important thing is the quality. And the quality is awesome at Moteefe.

I’ve sold over 4000 pieces with them, and of course not everyone was satisfied. As in every business mistakes will happen. I remember a day where a bulk order was mixed up. 20 pieces had the wrong print. The customer was very angry about it and said that he wanted his money back. It was a very bad situation but the CEO of Moteefe helped me out with it, and resolved the problem in a way where everyone (especially the customer) was happy in the end.

In my opinion that’s exactly how you should decide which company you choose. As long as everything is running smoothly, the only thing that matters is the profits. But when something goes wrong it’s necessary to have fantastic customer support, and someone who listens to your complaints. With the company I was using before Moteefe it took 14 days for them to answer a query. As a customer – would you want to wait 14 days for an answer if you have already paid for your order? I certainly wouldn’t...

Last words from us...

Here at Moteefe, we have wanted to share Dominik’s story for a few months now because of how much he has achieved in a short period of time.

What has helped him the most? His mindset is amazing and we knew from the start he would make it in this business. This is why: 

  • He always wants to learn and work hard
  • He has a real passion for his niches and knows them inside out
  • He takes action every day even if he has a full time job on the side

If you have the same attitude, you can achieve anything.

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