When Duplicating Your Work Is Good for Business
Oct 19, 2016 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

This is going to get heated, but we, as a community, must address this today; “when is it ever ok to duplicate your own work?”

There are two specific scenarios where I believe using your own work is one of the smartest business moves you can make.

1. Make Something Better

This is not about copying, and more about improving what already exists. As an example, Steve Jobs was a ‘tweaker’ and didn’t invent anything, really. Instead, he simply found what existed, and made it much better and more user friendly. To me, this is completely okay. For example, imagine you have sold 100 shirts with one design and then it slows down a little… Try improving the design or tweaking it, then re-launch with the potential of making another 100 sales. 

Here at Moteefe we see a lot of campaigns stop selling a concept, when it could have gone a lot further. So we encourage entrepreneurs to not design a whole concept again, rather just copy your original and ‘tweak’ it from there.

2. The Domination Technique

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, here’s the short of it: when you’re looking to score major money, the best way to do it is by “Dominating” your competitors. You literally do not want to give your customers a reason not to buy from you. They may LOVE your design, but would prefer it on a mug. Make sure you give them a mug and make sure they see different colours when your are retargeting them. If you are using a platform that has multiple product options make sure you are taking advantage of this ‘Domination Technique’.

Where is Moteefe going...

Creating your own products used to mean a significant up-front investment. Purchasing a minimum amount of the product as dictated by the manufacturer, paying for warehousing, packaging and POS systems. All before you made a single transaction. Thankfully, for many types of entrepreneurs, companies like ours have made it possible to create and sell goods over the internet with no up-front costs whatsoever.

Did you know now on Moteefe you make almost as much margin on a mug as on a t-shirt?! For example; If you sell a mug for ‎€15 your profit is ‎€9.55 EU (even more in the US as there is no VAT). The number of colours also doesn’t change the profit margin. Close to ‎€10 profit on 1 single mug sold? That is more than most platforms' profit for a t-shirt.

Campaign Promotion

Now, I see your eyes widening… But how do you run a successful Mug Campaign?

Promoting a mug is ever-so-slightly different from promoting a t-shirt and here is why...  Before you start, you need to make sure that your design works on a mug. You should adjust the design so that it wraps around nicely. If it is not working so well, ask yourself does the concept make sense on a mug? Some designs are meant to be worn rather than drunk from and vice versa. For example, imagine the slogan ‘contains more than coffee’ on a t-shirt... It would be a little strange.

Now the difference in actually campaigning is marginal because it’s safe to assume everyone uses a mug for something. The cheaper price point on mugs is where the difference truly resides in. I wouldn’t advise anyone to focus on the campaigns being different too much. It really boils down to having a reasonable price point for the product and a passionate audience to get that product in front of, and as mentioned focusing on good creatives and mockups that suit mugs.

Tips to Running a Mug Campaign

  • Find a passionate niche and validate your concept or design within said niche
  • Mugs should priced between €11.99 - €14.99 depending on the country
  • Show the mug over different views but make sure people can see the whole design in your advert
  • Mugs make a great gift so you can use that angle in your promotions when closing a sale
  • Run ads, monitor performance (engagement), rinse & repeat until you have a positive ROI
  • Don’t forget to give a discount when retargeting people. Helps you get more sales
  • Use mugs and clothes in parallel. Retarget people from one campaign to the other.

Lets leave you with this…

So overall, today we have gathered that it is a great business idea to ‘tweak’ your work, to refine and to reuse in additional campaigns. It’s all about, working with what works. If a design has done exceptionally well why not try it on a mug? In our eyes, mugs are more of a cross-selling or upselling product and not something you would sell straight off the mark. However the high margins on Moteefe basically allow you to test it properly and have a potentially bigger ROI.

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