How to use Facebook Ad Objectives to Market your campaign
Nov 11, 2016 - MARKETING
Jorge Lopes

At Moteefe, we are utterly convinced that Facebook ads are one of the most powerful tools we have as custom merchandise entrepreneurs.

Kentico found that only 60% of Facebook users like a brand page, so Facebook ads are the only way to reach a lot of people on Facebook. Whether you want to spend €20 a month or €200 a day, you can easily reach a huge number of unique audiences with Facebook advertisements.

Facebook has the best targeting criteria which no other ad network, search engine or social platform can compete with. The problem is; once you’ve found your audience what do you want them to do?

Well here’s a breakdown of what objectives your Facebook Ads can have, and which one will work best for your Moteefe Campaigns.

Post-Page Engagement

This ad objective is used to encourage engagement on your posts. This is done by targeting people who interact more often than other users. You can use this method to gauge how much people will like your designs.

  • Set up an advert with this objective 
  • Create a preview for a new design
  • Compare engagement rates with your other design posts


Post Page engagement

 Having an idea of which designs, people in your niche audience will like means you’re going to make more sales. This objective isn’t likely to generate many sales on it’s own though. So you should use it for market research instead. 

Clicks to Website

Sending people to your website is the main, proven way that you’ll sell products online. Clicks to your website can come in two forms.


Facebook Link

  • Focuses on driving as much traffic to your site as possible. 
  • Can add a much stronger call-to-action button, encouraging specific action on your site.

 Clicks to website

Carousel Advert

  • Multiple advert frames so you can showcase multiple products at a time
  • You have more creative control over the advert, you can create more product imagery

 Carousel Adverts

Creating an ad objective that sends people to your site is a great way to generate a large number of new leads or develop a content marketing strategy. Just make sure that your landing page directs people to a specific action.

Website Conversion

Similar to Clicks to Website, this objective focuses on boosting visits to your website. However the focus of Website Conversions are to:

  • Find people in your specific target audience
  • Target people who will take specific actions on your page
  • Re-target people who have already visited your page and not taken any action

 Website Conversion

Website Conversion works best when you have installed a Facebook Pixel on your campaign page (if you want to know how to install the pixel, we have an article for that). This will show you the audience that you should be targeting with your adverts because they have already shown interest in your products. So they are more likely to make a purchase.

Which is best?

Using all three of these ad objectives will give you a well rounded marketing strategy. But for those of you who are at different points in your marketing campaign:

  • If you want to do some market research for one of your design ideas, then you should definitely go with Post-Page Engagement.
  • When you want to increase your website traffic; build cold leads or increase sales from a large audience; you should use Clicks to Website.
  • If you have a Facebook Pixel set up and want to re-market your custom products to people who didn’t buy anything; you should go for Website Conversions.

Now that you know how to use ad objectives and what you can do with your audience, it’s time to take your first steps to becoming a successful custom merchandise entrepreneur. If you know which objective you want to use, but aren't sure how much to spend on it, check out how you can Invest for Success.  

Come check us out at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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