Fashion’s Newest Trends: Graphic T-shirts, Hoodies and the 80s
Mar 21, 2017 - DESIGN
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

With the world in such a fragile place right now people probably aren’t keeping up to date with their fashion. However, the latest trends in fashion are all about making more than just a fashion statement.

Political T-shirts

Even as far back as last Summer, this trend was starting to pop up every so often with influencers and designers using graphic tees in their pictures. This laid back fashion trend is becoming even more popular in 2017 with more and more designers using graphic tee’s to promote a message in their shows.

Claudia Li explained the fashion statements perfectly at her Fall/ Winter presentation: “I think that everyone should speak out because we are all our own person and we all have something to say—so just say it”.

Many of the fashion tee’s featured recently in New York Fashion Week had political statements supporting female empowerment, “The Future is Female” and “My Body My Choice” being prominent among them. The designers don’t just want to make a political statement, though, they want to raise awareness and insight change.

80s Style

Looking back over the last few fashion exhibitions has shown some interesting new trends, however, looking back is also the focus of this old trend’s reappearance. The 80s are back in style and (fortunately) they left the crazy haircuts behind.

Edited (a retail analytics company) said the following about the new fashion trend: “The 1980s will be huge — everything from power suits and slouchy tailored trousers for office wear, through to off-the-shoulder looks, activewear and [over-the-top] ruffles

It looks like comfort is fashionable as this trend will see the return of vintage t-shirts and baggy, off-the-shoulder sweaters that became synonymous with 80s fashion.


In 2016 hoodies were top of the trends and their success is filtering into the new year Spring season of fashion. The hoodies of last year were more fitting with the comfort style that the other trends this year are moving toward, however, the new hoodies are ‘sporting’ a new look.

Sport-styled hoodies are becoming more popular than their comfort focused counterparts and they’re definitely taking inspiration from sport’s sleek colour code. Expect to see a lot more colourful (and sporty) hoodies making their way into your wardrobe this year.

What statement are you going to make with your fashion this year? We love the passion behind political tee’s, let us know what you think by tweeting us at @moteefe. Make your own clothing line and get in on the latest trends by visiting our design builder.

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