May 18, 2017 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

With Father’s Day approaching soon, we wanted to share some vital tips to nail this massive shopping event!

$14.3bn was spent on Father’s Day last year which makes this the perfect opportunity to run your campaigns as wives and children will be looking for gifts to give to their ‘#1 Dad!’

‘So how do I get started?’ I hear you ask. Right this way...

First, we need to know when Father’s Day is, so here’s the rundown of all the big countries that have Father’s Day in the coming month:

  • Belgium - June 11th
  • Canada - June 18th
  • UK and USA - June 18th
  • France - June 18th
  • Ireland - June 18th
  • The Netherlands - June 18th


To start, you should pick a test country to try out a few campaigns. Once you've found a few winning designs, make sure to scale these up to all the countries you can.

Don’t forget that we provide a translations service to our most popular languages so you can scale in different countries and boost conversions. Simply email translations@moteefe.com with:

- The advert copy

- The campaign page description

- The language/s you want it to be translated to

- Any other information that would help ensure the translators understand what you're selling

For Father’s Day, you want to make sure that people receive their orders on time. We have an average turnaround time of 4 days for all products but you need to allow a few days for shipping.

Aim to end your campaigns around two weeks before these dates to ensure local delivery services can drop off the products in time. Aim to end your campaigns around two weeks before these dates to ensure local delivery services can drop off the products in time.



This is the most crucial area - you are making a design for fathers to wear. We are not going to make feminine designs here, nor are most fathers going to buy these for themselves (more on this in the next section).

It’s one thing to target Father’s Day, but you will need to add a specific niche to this so it will make it easier to target different hobbies and passions. Here are a few examples of successful designs:


  • It’s one thing to be the best electrician, it’s another to be the best Dad
  • All Dad’s are equal but only the best become a veterinarian
  • Accountant by day, the worlds best Dad by night
  • I have two jobs: Orthodontist and Dad
  • The best kind of Dad raises a doctor


  • Best Dad in the galaxy (Space reference) 
  • Dad, The man, the myth, the hunting legend!
  • I’m a cycling Dad, just like a normal dad, but much cooler
  • Football, Beers, Nap. Oh, wait… I’m a Dad.
  • There aren’t many things I love more than football, but one of them is being a Dad


  • He’s not my ‘Step-Dad’ he IS just Dad (step-Dad) 
  • Be nice to me, my wife’s pregnant (Dad-to-be)
  • Thanks Dad, I turned out awesome (for kids to wear)
  • Only the best husbands get promoted to Daddy (new Dad)
  • Not a Step Dad but a bonus Dad (step-Dad)


  • World’s greatest Farter, I mean Father
  • World’s okayest Dad
  • For Father's Day, all I got was this lousy t-shirt
  • First national bank of Dad
  • I’m the boss! My wife said I could be...


Who to target?

This is a bit trickier than usual as you're not targeting the people who will actually wear the product. Instead, you need to appeal to both the partners and the children of those fathers as they will be the ones gifting it to their dad on this special day. Keep that in mind in all steps of this process, especially when targeting and advertising your campaigns.

In terms of interests you can target, here is an example:

I have chosen to target women in the UK, aged 18-45 who are married and also have kids. This is the perfect audience as there's a strong chance that they'll both buy for their kids to gift to their dads as well as buying for their own fathers on this day.

Combining this with the interests shown above will help to further narrow down your targeted audiences. You can learn more about targeting here:

Targeting like a King

How to find your Niche Audience

Also, check out our blog area which is packed with a whole range of articles to help you make the most of your campaigns with Moteefe.

You don’t want to miss out on this very profitable and huge holiday, do you? Of course not! So why don’t you get started straight away by clicking here and start making dads extremely happy to receive your product as a gift, while also making huge profits while doing it!

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