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Oct 05, 2016 - DESIGN
Lev Kundin

Although plenty of marketers on our platform begin by creating their own designs, if you’re scaling up your business or simply don’t have the time to learn how to make designs yourself, hiring a professional is a great way to ensure you have the best possible designs.

The internet has made finding designers easier than ever however there are still a lot of things to consider, so read on to find out who you should be looking for and where the best places to find them are. 


Firstly you need to work out exactly what you're looking for in a designer. Although there are tens of thousands of designers out there, it’s worth spending time finding the right one - not only are you putting your business’ success in their hands but it pays to find someone who you can build a great working relationship with. 


If you love colourful designs and your new designer has a thing for black and white, you’re probably not going to be 100% satisfied with the work they do. Although a good designer should be flexible, they will still have a basic design style and you should make sure that their natural creative style matches your own.


Similarly, if you have a very defined target audience, you should make sure that your designer can understand the interests of your specific market. If you’re selling to skateboarders, their preference will probably be quite different to cupcake fans and this should be reflected in the style of the design.


Unless you’re targeting a very specific and niche audience with a particular style, make sure that the work your designer has the ability to create designs that appeals to as many people as possible. Show their artwork to a variety of people: your friends, fellow sellers, potential customers and listen to their honest feedback. You may receive an overwhelming positive response however keep asking them if they would BUY the design. Creating something that is aesthetically pleasing and a design that goes viral are two different things.

If you’re selling to a broad niche audience such as ‘dog lovers’ that contains people from lots of different background then this knowledge is particularly valuable. What you think is a winning design may not necessarily be what someone else would like and purchase, so try to take a step back and make sure your own thoughts don’t influence your designs too much. 


Your designer will need to understand exactly what you want and what your vision is for your designs, however they should also be able to add their input if they can see where they can improve on ideas. However if they’re poor at responding to emails or seem to have trouble communicating, these are huge warning signs.


Although you should always check each design you receive, you don’t want to have to spend valuable time constantly looking at and revising your designer’s work during the creation process. If you’re clear and concise with your requests, they should be sending you designs that are 100% perfect after paying close attention to spelling, details and further specifications. If this process isn’t smooth, you could easily miss a mistake and potentially lose a lot both time and money.


Now you know what you’re looking for, the next step is to start the search! There are plenty of places to look online but we’ve slimmed it down to our favourite five places to find the perfect designer.


If you don’t personally know any designers, your friends probably do! Post on Facebook and ask around amongst your friends, or check out any art schools or colleges in your area to find up and coming artists at lower rates than you would pay someone with years of experience. Often, students are keen to build a portfolio so will be willing to take a little less. Just bear in mind, although exposure is always offered to creatives, in reality, very few will work for free and since you’re making money, it’s only fair they do too!


Upwork is a great place to find skilled freelancers. Popular designers will have ratings which will help you sure you find someone reliable who delivers good results. You can also post a job for free and see who pitches for it which will give you a good idea of fair rates and will let you find someone perfectly suited to your requirements.


Fiverr is another great place to start your search. Projects cost, as the name says, £5 per item however the only problem is that as you pay per task and all communication occurs through the platform, making a strong relationship can be quite difficult. On the other hand, if you find a great designer, you can always try to take the relationship outside of the platform (shh… don’t tell Fiverr!)


Run by Adobe (who make most of the tools designers use), Behance is a great online portfolio of talented designers and artists around the world. You can also browse through huge catalogues of different users work to make sure that their style is exactly what you’re looking for. On the downside, many of the designers are full-time professionals and are often on the expensive end of the scale. If you want super high quality design work with a price to match, this is the place to look.


Similar to Behance, DeviantArt allows artists to display their portfolios online. Although the quality of the work is a little more variable than Behance (which is mainly for professionals) it's still possible to find some great artists at reasonable prices. Again, you can look at artists entire back catalogues and work out if they're the right one for your needs.


Final thoughts...

There’s plenty to consider when picking a designer for the first time. When looking, think of it as a new relationship and take your time to pick the right person just for you. If you find the perfect designer that you can trust, your life will be 100 times easier and will free up time for you to concentrate on advertising and making the most of your campaigns on Moteefe.

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