How to market your Moteefe campaign for FREE
Dec 17, 2016 - MARKETING
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

The marketing potential you have for your Moteefe product is huge, but many entrepreneurs, like yourself struggle to devise a FREE strategy that’s suitable for a social platform.

So, how can you actually not spend any money on marketing?

The first thing you need to know about marketing without a budget is that it can take a lot of time and effort. Admittedly some people get lucky and gain a lot of organic traction very quickly, but those cases are rare. 

In those cases it’s because they found an audience who was passionate and their idea was shared organically within that niche. The point is, they went out and found their audience.

Find your audience

We know you’ve heard this before; “You need to find your niche audience” is a familiar point from us from us, but, this time we really do mean, FIND them.

This could mean physically going out into that big scary world, or, you could do a little cyber-sleuthing and find them on social media and forums. The choice is yours.

Moteef finding a niche audience

The method for marketing your custom products is pretty similar, no matter where you find your audience hiding. The key to free marketing is organic traction, and that’s gained by building trust and engaging with your niche audience. 

Although each method is similar, there are still a few differences between each of them, so we’re going to go into them in a little more detail. Let’s start with the real world first.   

The big scary world

We know, this is far from ideal - it’s cold and there’s bugs out there - but if you want free marketing that actually works, you’ll need to put the effort in. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Finding a niche audience is the first step on every marketing strategy you’ll find (especially the ones you’ll see from us). So you can use that audience to find meetups on sites like Eventbrite, which will let you market your custom merchandise directly to the people in your niche.

Eventbrite events 

Keep your eyes open and actively looking for opportunities to show off your custom t-shirts.

  • If you’re at university then take advantage of the clubs and campus to show off your t-shirt designs.
  • Go to events or conferences to show off your product designs within your niche audience’s environment. 
  • Try showing your custom products to friends, family or co-workers. Ask them to share it with their friends - you’re bound to pick up a few sales with very little cost.  

The one downside to getting up close and personal with people to market your custom products is that you’ll need to have one of your products on-hand to show them. This means spending a little money to get one of your own custom t-shirts.

Of course, this is only a problem if you don’t want to spend ANY money on marketing your custom merch. Don’t worry though, for these next points, you won’t need to spend a cent.

Social media

Social commerce is a big industry, in fact, it generated $30 billion in revenue last year. You might think about Facebook Ads or sponsored posts when you think “social media marketing”, but that’s not always the case. 

When you’re marketing on social media, focus on: 

  • Finding trends within your niche audience that relate to your designs (or make designs based on the trends)
  • Joining niche groups and engaging with other members, seeing what they think of your t-shirt designs and if they’d be willing to share them for you.
  • Building up a following within your niche by posting and engaging with relevant content.

The point you should be taking from this is that you’ll need to engage with your niche audience. People like it when you’re not just trying to sell them stuff (especially when you are).

social media interaction example 

Free marketing is all about organic engagement. In the end, you want people to come to you and share your custom products for you. The best way is to prove that you’re the kind of person they want to be around, whether that’s because you’re interesting, funny or you just show them that you care. Then they’ll want to buy your custom merchandise.


When we say ‘social commerce’ you probably think of the big ones; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. However, social channels like Reddit are great for getting stuck-in and talking to your niche audience. 

With Reddit you can search for almost any niche audience you can possibly image (and a few you can’t image). All you have to do is find the right subreddit for your niche. Don’t just use /r/shirts, find subreddits specific to your niche audience like /r/Puppytraining101 (because we like puppies).

Reddit puppies 101

Before you march off to go join the world of reddit, you should know that redditors don’t really like it when you try to sell things directly to them. So you might have to take a less direct approach... 

  • Show your custom merch by only linking to an image - not your campaign page.
  • Try saying things like “I got it from here” rather than “Buy here, it’s a great deal
  • When people show interest in your print designs, you can give them a quick link to your campaign page.

Using reddit for social commerce marketing can help you gain a lot of organic traction if you’re smart and careful about how you do it. 

Time to take action

When you’re just starting out and you want to get a feel of how well your custom products will sell before you start spending money on advertising, just remember where to find your audience.

  • Find meetups or events out in the world and talk to your friends, family and co-workers about buying your custom t-shirts.
  • Be social by engaging with people on social media groups and try to gain a following by sharing content for your niche audience.
  • Use forum sites like reddit to find people within your niche audience and do some undercover marketing.

Trying to market your custom products for free will take a lot of time and effort, because you’ll need to can organic traction. So be patient and see what works for you. If you want to try something a little quicker, then you’ll have to set an ad budget. We have a guide for getting started with Facebook ads if you’re not sure where to begin.

If you have any questions come check us out at the Moteefe Hangout, or you can have a browse on our blog for more tips and tricks to boost your ecommerce business.

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