Best in the Biz: Our Favourite Graphic Designers
Feb 02, 2017 - DESIGN
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Hitting a roadblock on the path the success is never fun. Especially when you’re just pulling out of the driveway. Don’t give up just because you don’t have the tools to create the perfect design. You have options.

We’ve already discussed how to browse for the best graphic designers, but we decided to find a few of our own personal favourites to share with you.


drawing of chair on beach

Romanian artist Roxandra has a passion for vector illustration, if you want to hire her for a commission, she asks that you contact her before placing an order. You can contact Roxandra on her Fiverr page by clicking here.


truckers tshirt

Macedonian artist MojoKumanovo creates typography and graphic designs for use on t-shirts and custom clothes. You can hire him for a project on Fiverr by clicking here.


animal illustration valeriia

Valeriia is an illustrator from Ukraine with a real passion for drawing and artistic creation. You can hire her for commissions on Fiverr or have a look at her other work by clicking here.

Valiant Graphics

tshirt designer valiant graphics

Valiant Graphics is one of the highest rated graphic designers on Fiverr and creates quality designs for almost every purpose (including t-shirt designs). You can find Valiant on Fiverr by clicking here.

Jerry Designer

Jerry Designer tshirt art

US artist Jerry specialises in creating designs for niche audiences ready for printing on custom merchandise. Jerry is highly rated on Fiverr and you can find his profile by clicking here.

Art of Ashe

Art of Ashe graphic designer

Ashe creates quality 2D animations and art-in-action sketches on commission. You can find her on Twitter at @artofashe or on Twitch by clicking here.  


Roan Art comic artist

RoanArt is a freelance artist from the USA with a light hearted comic-inspired style, perfect for t-shirt designs. You can find RoanArt on Twitter @r0anart and you can contact him to enquire about commissions at ‘’.

Estudio Minga

estudio minga graphic design agency 

Minga Studios are an Argentinian company which focus on creating cheeky designs, logos and posters. You can find them on Behance or you can visit their website to see more of their work and learn more about them.  

Tom Anders Watkins

Typography artist Tom anders watkins

Typography artist Tom Anders Watkins has an impressive portfolio of professional work and creates modern designs and imagery. You can find his profile on Behance or visit his website to see more.

Antonina Aleksandrova

political artist Antonina Aleksandrova

Ukrainian illustrator Antonina Aleksandrova creates thought provoking designs perfect for portraying a message. You can find Antonina on Behance and on Pinterest to see more of her work or contact her.

Yuri Kartashev

logo designer Yuri Kartashev

Yuri Kartashev is an expert graphic designer from Israel who specialises in simple (yet clever) logo designs. Yuri has a profiles on Behance and on Dribbble where you can see his work and contact him.  

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