How to avoid Copycats
Nov 10, 2016 - DESIGN
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Time to address one of the biggest challenges a seller is bound to face at a some point: copycats. In this quick guide we give you tips on how to avoid someone stealing your design or keeping tabs on what you have coming up.


1. Use URL shorteners

Facebook has a very comprehensive search feature that allows any user to search for campaigns by words in the description. When you pair this with the ability to search for specific URLs and post types, your winning campaign can be easily tracked by someone. Provided they know the platform you’re selling on and one word you used on your post.

So, instead of using a campaign URL you can use an URL shortener. Plus, you get added analytics on that URL’s traffic. Here are a few of the most used ones:, and 


2. Block countries from your page

Let’s say you’re running your adverts to the UK but you start seeing clicks from other countries. While it can be attributed to the organic sharing of content on Facebook, it may also be the case that you have copycats clicking your campaign links. To exclude people in specific countries from your page go into your page settings:

Block your page in countries 

From here, choose the option Country Restriction, and you'll come across a screen like the one below:

blocking countries 

Now, type the country names you wish to block. If your page is related to a specific country, it might be easier to select the "Only show this Page to viewers in these countries" and type the country you're targeting. Press "Save Changes" and you're set. 


3. Do not display numbers of units sold

While we’re aware that some of you believe the number of units sold can be good for conversion rate, these can allow people to get to your campaign with some creative Facebook and Google searches. The data also shows that displaying the number of units sold has a negligible impact on conversion (if any affect at all). 


4. Don’t like your own page

If you’re like us, you’re actively involved in several groups where you get tips and advice from fellow sellers. You need to be aware that, if you like your own page, anyone in your friends list is able to go through the list of pages you’ve liked unless you change the default privacy settings on the “About” section of your Facebook profile. 


5. Use Moteefe

We have been actively avoiding getting listed on spying tools which is where a lot of people will get inspiration. Using Moteefe makes it a lot easier to stay hidden from the pesky copycats.

Any other steps you take to prevent copycats from stealing your idea? Let us know on the Moteefe Hangout!

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