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Nov 05, 2016 - MOTEEFE
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Selling custom clothing and merchandise online requires a few things but none are more important than having a great design. The biggest trick is to step away from what you personally think looks good and concentrate on what messaging, style and colours will work for the niche audience you want to target.

If you’re not the intended audience then back away from your likes and dislikes and focus on the task at hand here: to create designs that appeal to your users and convert into sales every single time. 

Finding the perfect design

Likes and dislikes vary from audience to audience and are never an easy one to figure out, however there are a few tricks to getting insights. As the primary source of delivering traffic to your campaigns, use social media to your advantage before you begin to put pen to paper, or rather mouse to laptop.

Audience Insights

Social media is the best tool to seeing the latest trends in design as this is where everything is happening in real-time. Your audience is here and other sellers are most likely to be here too.

As this article states: ‘social media channels that are more visual-based rather than text-based are not only powerful tools for selling custom merchandise but can act as an online library of ideas’.

Inspiration from social media 

From idea to design

Once you’ve gathered enough information and feel ready to get designing, you have two options: open Photoshop and get going, or find yourself a great designer who can understand your needs and bring your ideas to life.

 If you’re nifty with Photoshop then we recommend the following for the best prints:

  • Designs at 300dpi for maximum quality when printing
  • PNG with no background colour to ensure your design doesn’t print with an unnecessary and unsightly box of colour
  • One or two fonts used to keep the design simple to read and eye-catching. For free fonts, check out or
  • Avoid covering elements of your artwork with shades - bold, block colours work best to ensure great quality printing
  • We use the best Direct to Garment printers available but vibrancy of colours can be affected on darker garments - particularly strong reds - so please bear this in mind

If you’re looking for a designer to work their magic, there are plenty on websites such as Fiverr or Facebook groups where you can find high quality designers with great experience for a low price. You can find out more in our blog post on finding the right designer.

Finding a graphic designer 

Further reading

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