Introducing the new Moteefe platform tiers
Sep 04, 2017 - MOTEEFE
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Here at Moteefe, our goal couldn’t be simpler - we want to help you make as much profit as possible. That’s why we take our pricing very seriously. By offering you competitive base costs on our products, we’re making it easier than ever to work with us and delight your customers with some incredible product offerings.

So, why work with us?

It’s in our DNA to help you to make more money with us than anyone else. Here’s why you should continue your journey to success with us:

  • Awesome base costs on all our products (€3.50 mugs anyone?)
  • Volume discounts on all campaign
  • Great seasonal competitions
  • Low shipping costs

We also want to make sure that it’s in your best interests to keep growing with us, so to that end, we’ve improved our tier system. The more you sell with your campaigns, the lower the base cost on your products is - simple!

Why update the tiers?
Essentially we want to reward you, our loyal sellers for being partners with us, and we value your continued support. Therefore, after closely reviewing our existing system, we felt that a new way of rewarding you would ensure that, the more products you sell, the better improved your profits become!

Introducing the new tiers

Rather than the current “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold” method of tiers, we’ve introduced new titles that reflect your status with us:Moteefe Tier breakdown

We’ve simplified the tiers and provided you with a great way of growing your business with us.

The only thing we ask is that, to keep receiving your tier’s base costs, you sell a minimum of 50 units per calendar month. If you don’t manage this, you’ll go down a tier, but we’ll be on hand to get you moving through the tiers as soon as possible.

One final thing, when you make a sale on your tier, your profit gets added to your payout amount, which you can access at any time. Get in touch if you need further information on this.

So, there you have it! Making money with Moteefe has been made even easier than before. The more you sell, the more profit is up for grabs!

Cheers to making more money than ever! Here's to #BossingIt



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