How to make successful campaign pages on Moteefe
Nov 23, 2016 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

You’ve found your target audience and created a range of designs for them, but what now? At Moteefe, we’ve tried to keep our site as simple as possible so you can take your idea from a thought to a live campaign in a matter of minutes.

Since you learned How to Create and Upload Your Designs, you now need to know how to make your campaign page the best that it can be. Don't worry, we're back again to show you how...  

What makes a good campaign page?

Once you’ve uploaded your design in step 1 and chosen your items and colours in step 2 of the design builder, the most important area (where can you boost your design’s conversion rates) is the third section of the campaign page itself.

From the title and corresponding copy, to the main product image; these elements determine whether your hard work sending a prospective buyer to the site results in the most important goal - a conversion.

On stage 3 of the design builder, we recommend filling out as many fields as possible with relevant information. This should inform and persuade that lucky customer to buy your custom product right there and then. You know that the design caught their eye enough to click on your link so any additional information should remove any doubts they might have.

Experts say you have just eight seconds to sell your product. This means an attractive image, a clear and concise title and a few key attention-grabbing words in your description will work wonders to boost your conversion rates. 

Top tips from the Moteefe experts - a step-by-step guide

A Clear Title

Increase understanding of the product you’re trying to sell. The title could mention the niche audience you’re designing for or use the text that may be featured in your design. If your design is image-only, maybe a short description of what it is will help the potential customer think that this item is the best thing since sliced bread. 

A Short and Catchy URL

To make things easier for you, we automatically use your title in your campaign’s URL. After all, your title should be the clearest, most eye-catching piece of text on the whole page.

However, for your design to be an internet sensation, you also want this link to be shared around friends and in various groups (did someone say ‘viral’?) and a short, snappy URL will only increase your click through rate.

Short Description

Here is where you need to sell your design and your products in a smart, yet catchy matter. What do your specific set of customers want to know? We’ve put together a few templates [insert link or auto-PDF download] to increase your conversion rates.

Additional URL

Does your design need another link to send customers to a particular topic, website or Facebook group?

Duration of Campaign

This can be anything from 3 to 21 days. Simply, this is the time that customers have to make a purchase. Printing will happen as soon as possible after the campaign has ended. We split up your customers’ orders so they’re printed and posted from their nearest printing facility (UK, US or mainland Europe) to ensure they’re happy with their product.

Cover Product

This is the image your customers will first see when landing on your campaign page and is an important feature for making customers purchase. If that particular product looks great then they’re more likely to explore the range of products you have available and purchase your design.

If you’re selling a Christmas sweater, make sure your cover product is the sweatshirt. Or if your niche audience’s demographic is 90% female then make sure to show a women’s t-shirt or hoodie as the cover product.

After campaign has ended

For you (rather than the customer) this is usually the most important dropdown to complete. With three options of ‘continue selling one-off orders’, ‘automatically relaunch the campaign’ and ‘completely stop selling’, you can ensure your campaign works without you having to…

1) Continue selling one-off orders

Once your campaign has ended, customers who weren’t able to purchase, or come through from any old adverts can still purchase your product.

2) Automatically relaunch the campaign

Our most popular option, this setting will enable you to sit back and relax as your designs are automatically relaunched once the campaign has ended. Without affecting your advertising, our system will relaunch your design, sending all orders to print with each campaign run.

As long as your design isn’t time-sensitive, e.g for a particular seasonal date, this is the perfect way to keep new customers landing on your designs.

3) Completely stop selling

For those designs that are limited edition and for a short time only, this option is best for you. Once the campaign has ended, no further sales can be made.

Additional information 

Add in a relevant Youtube video, further text information or images of yourself or your customers wearing your products to bring your ideas to life and see those sales roll in!

Next time... 

In our next blog post you'll learn How to Create Your First Facebook Ad so that you can start selling the designs you've worked so hard to produce. Visit us at the Moteefe Hangout if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. 

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