Moteefe recently hosted their FIRST Codebar event
Nov 29, 2016 - MOTEEFE
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Why? Because we love to see people become successful in industries they wouldn’t normally have the chance to try.

Codebar is a non-profit initiative, aiming to make coding and technology industries more accessible to every man and his dog. They’re focused on helping underrepresented groups learn programming when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and did we mention it doesn't cost a dime to the participants as the sponsor costs any cost incurred.

Moteef hosted a Codebar event

Moteefe hosted a workshop with 8 tech experts (including 3 of our own team) to advise and teach the new the batch of coders. The event was hugely in demand with 22 trainees attending and 9 on the waiting list...

We were honestly thrilled to see so many people developing new skills for such an in-demand industry and believe that the work Codebar is doing to develop and inspire new generations is truly admirable.

If you want to experience a little of what our tech experts have achieved, check out our design builder. You can also learn more about us and ask us questions at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook.

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