Harder, better, faster, stronger… Moteefe Optimises Conversion Rates!
Dec 03, 2016 - MOTEEFE
Lev Kundin

We know how important it is to have a great conversion rate for your campaign page and so we’ve been working to optimise our website so that your conversion rates can keep on improving.

Here’s just a few of the changes that we’ve recently made.

Website Speed

Kissmetrics conducted research into loading speeds and found that their conversion rate decreased as their loading speed increased so we understand how important website speed is for your conversion rates, and our team is working hard to optimise our website’s speed.

Our overall speed has been a concern for sellers in the past and we know how important it is to improve our speeds, so we’re heavily focused on reducing our website’s loading times. Recent improvements have resulted in a reduction of our Campaign Page loading times by nearly 30%.

Future Plans

  • Improving our loading speeds with the long-term goal of reaching 1-2 seconds 
  • We’re aiming for noticeably fast mobile connections as we continuously optimise our site for mobile use.


  • Streamlining the tech behind our site
  • Use the latest tech available to speed up the entire site for all of you, around the world.
  • Having HTTP2 and using React to deliver instant page load times and utilising a service-oriented architecture.

More Realistic Mockups

Both sellers and customers asked us for more realistic mockups and we loved the idea. Now you can see exactly how your designs will look on each product. This is especially useful to customers, who’ll want to have an idea of what their product looks like before they decide to make a purchase. 

We also made improvements to the spacing of the products for a much better visual feel for your products and to make sure that your designs in the exact same place that they’ll be printed.

Moteef's new mockups 


We’ve introduced:

  • A shiny new Countdown to your campaign page which focuses on your call-to-action and creating a sense of urgency to encourage buying straight away 
  • Our discount screen received a facelift, improving the way it looks to users.

These visual improvements will increase conversion by creating a sense of urgency - compelling your buyers to take action immediately before they run out of time.

Moteef's countdown page  

CTA’s are important for getting conversions, Adroll found that their click-through-rate increased nearly 3x when they added a CTA. With the added CTA on your campaign countdown you’ll have another chance to turn consumers into customers 

Thank You Page

You can thank our tech team for the new ‘Thank You’ page as well. This new page doesn’t directly affect conversion rates (as it’s featured after checkout), but it does provide extra value for your customers.

With an improved visual experience for your customers, clearer date and more accurate times. This results in a clearer understanding of how the process develops from this point. Buyers will know that their order will be dispatched after the campaign ends.

Moteef's thank you page

We know your customers will like the products that they’re buying, but with these improvements, they’ll also like the page they’re buying from. Our upgrades to the visual aspect of the site will decrease bounce rates meaning that people will stay on the page longer, giving you more chances to make conversions.

We plan to keep improving

Our team is focused on continuing to update and upgrade our site so that you can achieve the best conversion rates possible. We have plans to reduce loading times across the site as much as possible and we’re working on streamlining the checkout process with a new Checkout page. 

Let us know if there’s any other improvements you’d like to see, by contacting us on the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook.

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