Moteefe Stores are now live!
Jul 24, 2018 - MOTEEFE
Jorge Lopes

We're all about empowering our sellers to give them different ways of reaching their audiences, so we're proud to announce that Moteefe Stores are now available for everyone on our platform! 

We've put together this short guide below to make sure you set up your store in the best way possible.

Create a store

To create a store, log in to your Moteefe account and access the following URL:

You can also see the store tab directly on your Seller dashboard.

On Moteefe, the store creation depends on Keywords . When you create a campaign on Moteefe, you are allowed to define Keywords that you can associate to that campaign. We can split store creation in 3 easy steps:

1. Adding your keywords

The first step of creating a store is adding keywords to your campaigns. You can do this when uploading the campaign, on the last step. This will allow you to add products to your store depending on their keyword, but also to create an entirely new shop section, a new store page.

Tagging is as simple as writing the keyword and pressing Enter, as shown below:

You can also add keywords to your existing campaigns directly on your dashboard, by choosing the campaigns you wish to tag. Below we show how to create a new keyword to add campaigns from your dashboard into your store:

bulk tagging Campaigns for Store

This will create a Collection based on your keyword, and we will use these collections for different purposes.

2. Add products to stores

To add the products from all campaigns to your store, you simply go to our store builder and the created collection will appear, as below:

adding collection to store

One click and that’s it, all campaigns with the keyword will appear on the right side.

After this step, you will be able to individually add or remove products, and even select your Best-sellers (these will be listed first on your store):

selecting campaigns and bestsellers

3. Adding Pages to your store

You can also use Keywords to create specific navigation pages for your store. Below, we show how to create a new section, in this case titled Black and White designs, using the "bw_special" keyword we created above.

adding pages to your Store

These sections will translate to different pages on your store, like shown below:

Navigation page live

And that's it, your store will now be live and it's time to start driving your buyers there... But that's not all, we're just started! In the upcoming weeks we'll be rolling out more new features, among which Google Analytics support, more upsell and cross-sell mechanisms and more ways of giving you control over your buyers and brand!

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