Moteefe vs Society6
Nov 02, 2016 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

With so many different customer merchandise platforms to sell on, it can be hard to choose which one is the best fit for you. Only by comparing them can we see how each platform helps you.

Our aim in this article is to show you how Moteefe stacks up against one of our main competitors, then you can see which one is the best choice for you.

Ease of Use

Setting up your campaign page on both Moteefe and Society6 can be done with ease, you just need to create an account and you’ll be ready start uploading. However Society6 requires a $1 charge to verify your account, which verifies that you have a working PayPal account.

Moteefe’s design uploader is super simple to use as well; all you need to do is make sure your design is saved with the right settings (shown below) and it can be applied and uploaded to all the products you want to sell.

 photoshop design

Society6 requires more work, as you need to change the size of the design based on what products you want to use it on. If you want to sell using all of their products then you have to make your design in 10 different sizes.

So make sure you know what products you want to print on before you create your design, or you can find Society6 templates online to help you resize your designs using photoshop with relative ease.


Moteefe has 9 products available for you to print on (listed below), but we are looking to add more products in the future, so watch this space...

 Current Moteefe Products

  • Classic T-shirt
  • Vneck T-shirt
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • Hoodie 
  • Sweatshirt
  • Tank top
  • Organic T-shirt
  • Phone case
  • Mugs

In order to get the optimal print for these products, we require you to create a design in RGB colour mode with 300 DPI. If you want more information on how to do this read our guide about here.

Society6 boasts over 30 products for you to print on, offering more choice for your designs. They require you to save your design in RGB colour mode and different a resolution for each product that you want to print on.

 A few of Society6’s products

Product listing 

With both platforms you can write descriptions for your products and campaigns as well as adding links to your social media accounts to make your page little more personal.

Profits and Promotions

Profits are your main goal when you sell products online and so it’s important to pick a platform that offers the best profit margin for your new business. Promotions help drive sales for your business and the ability to offer these will help you succeed.

Society6 is focused on promoting artists and so they offer a profit margin of 10% as default on all of their products except for Art Prints and Stretched Canvases. Their Prints and Canvases start at 10% but your profits can be increased by raising the price of the artwork.

artist designer

Promotions offering free shipping or discounts on certain items are offered frequently by Society6 and they will email successful artists with a link, that creates a discount, for them to share on social media.

With Moteefe you would earn a substantially higher profit on each product than you do with Society6. A standard t-shirt with Society6 costs $24 and you would earn $2.40 for every shirt you sell. At Moteefe a t-shirt costing $24 would give you $16.71 for every sale in the US and $12.71 in the EU (there are two different profit numbers because we give you back the VAT cost in countries that don’t have VAT).

This table shows you just how much more profit you can make with us at Moteefe on a €22 t-shirt:  

 Moteefe vs Society6 pricing

Moteefe gives you the ability to create your own discounts and promotions on each of your campaigns so that you can plan an effective marketing strategy ahead of time. You have the choice of how much of a discount is offered, for how long or for how many people.

Delivery Times

When you’re shopping online, fast delivery times are essential for you and your customers. Streamlining the delivery process will increase your conversion rate by proving that you’re trustworthy and efficient.

 Society6 is based in the US and so they offer fast delivery to the US and Australia but their services slow down for international deliveries.

USA: 4-14 days delivery

Australia: 4-14 days delivery

International: 2-4 weeks delivery

Moteefe has printing facilities in the US, UK and Europe and we deliver globally, at the latest, 10 days after the campaign has ended, but usually earlier. We offer fast deliveries globally by printing at the closest location to each customer who orders from one of our printing facilities.


For any ecommerce business marketing is the way that you’ll be bringing in customers and you will often have to market your own products if you want to create a successful business.

At Moteefe, we don’t offer marketing services such as a marketplace. However with the extra profits that you would make with us, and the guides from the Facebook experts on our blog, you would be able to set up an effective marketing strategy for yourself.

Moteefe Blog 

Society6 offers a marketplace which advertises designs for each products as well as advertising specific designs on the front page. You can search for products by Most Popular, New, Random or search for an artist that you already know about. In order to get on the front page, you need to picked out by curators who see your designs, so it would be hard to stand out from the other designs that are already up there.


Both platforms are simple to setup and use, Society6 caters for professional artists whereas Moteefe is more suited to starting your own clothing business. Here’s a round-up of the facts and we’ll let you decide which is the best fit for you.

 Moteefe vs Society6 which is better



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