How to prepare a Photoshop design for a high quality print
Oct 15, 2016 - DESIGN
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

When it comes to quality in the T-shirt design and printing industry, a seller can come across a wide variety of standards.

At Moteefe we ask t-shirt designers to provide us with a high quality design so that we can focus on top quality shirts and ensure that all your customers are happy with their custom t-shirts. Below, you will find a quick tutorial on how to create and export a top-notch design at 300 dpi to ensure the best quality during the T-shirt printing process.


First of all, when you create your own t-shirt design on Photoshop the most important settings are the Resolution and the Color Mode. When we say resolution, what we really mean is the Pixels Per Inch (PPI, or sometimes called DPI), which is normally under the resolution settings. It’s also best to have a transparent background for your design, otherwise you may end up having unexpected colours where you don’t want them to be. Have a look at these example settings to give you an idea:





But what if you already have your own t-shirt design and you just want to make sure it’s the right size and colour? Well you may need to check out the settings and export the file to the proper resolution, if that’s the case then follow these simple steps.

To check if you’re using the right color mode:

  • Open your document 
  • Click on  Image > Mode > RGB Color




For this next step, if you want to check the Image Size. Click on:

  • Image > Image Size (ALT+ CTRL + i on windows / OPT + Cmd + i on Mac)
  • Check that the resolution is at 300 PPI (Pixels per inch) and click on "OK".
  • If you want to keep the size of the design the same select the Constrain Proportions button (it looks like a chain) 

For some more details about this step, visit here.

When you’ve checked both options you just need to save the file as PNG and you will have a file that is saved at 300 DPI giving you the highest standard during the T-shirt printing process. To do this,

  • Click “Save as” and select *.PNG from the drop down menu on the screen that pops up

Make sure you don’t "Save for Web" though.



Once you have saved your design as a *.PNG : the file you will end up with will have all the high quality bases necessary for an excellent print!

Bonus Tip for Windows Users

To check the resolution of a file without opening it in photoshop you can use the following trick on windows :

  • In your window right click on "Name"
  • Then click on "More"



  • Then select "horizontal resolution" and press "OK"




We can’t wait to see what awesome t-shirt designs you’ll all upload to us at Moteefe and we’re looking forward to helping you sell them!

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