Retargeting Techniques: Increasing Sales From Facebook
Oct 10, 2016 - GROWTH
Lev Kundin

Retargeting is a valuable way of redirecting consumers back to your site and increasing your sales. Wordstream found that retargeting increased their repeat visitors and conversion rate by at least 50%. Today our Facebook experts will share their insight into optimising your retargeting techniques.  


So, what is retargeting?

Retargeting (also called Remarketing) is the process of focusing adverts toward people who have already visited your site. If you’ve ever been browsing online for something but decided not to buy it then seen an advert for it on Facebook; that’s retargeting doing it’s thing.


Why should you retarget your content?

You should retarget because consumers don’t often buy from you in their first visit to your sales page. Retargeting ads give you the chance to bring those consumers, who don’t make a purchase first time, back to your campaign to buy your designs.

You attracted those people once before so you know what they find interesting, pull them back again and you’re more likely to make a sale. The Kimberly-Clark Corporation says that they have seen an increase of at least 50% in conversion rates from consumers who have been retargeted.


The Facebook Pixel is the most valuable tool in your retargeting arsenal because it allows you to track who views and takes action on each of your pages. The Pixel will then track that person’s activity back to their Facebook page and check if their profile is a part of the custom audience that you are trying to sell to, and if they are, then an advert will appear on their Facebook page.

If you need help installing the Facebook Pixel on your Moteefe campaign page, check out our guide about how to do it, here. Or if you have your own website, click here

Once your Facebook Pixel is saved, it will start to gather data about who visits and takes action on your page. You should create an audience under the condition of ‘Include: People visiting specific web pages but not others’.

You will want exclude people who have made a purchase, because they are unlikely to want to buy the same product again so your conversion rate will decrease. You can do this by excluding people who have visited the ‘Thank you’ page at the end of a purchase. To do this, here’s how the options should look:


This will create an audience in your ‘Custom Audiences’ selection which you can use to send specific ads, tailored to people who might be interested in your products, based on your campaign page. Using the Facebook Pixel audience, you can remarket yourself to the people who visited your page and left without taking any actions (such as clicking on buttons like ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘View Content’).


This method of retargeting is used to market to people who share similar traits (such as interests, age and gender) to your customers within a country, for more information click here. Focusing your marketing campaign on people who have similar interests to those who have already purchased your custom designed products means that you will have a much better chance to create and convert leads. All you have to do to set this up is:


  • Go to the Facebook Pixel dashboard and choose the ‘Custom Combination’ option under Website Traffic. 
  • Paste the URL of your Campaign page and the ‘Thank You’ in the include box and this will set it to target people who have visited the page and bought your product in the past 180 days. (You can add the ‘Thank You’ page by filtering the contains option with ‘/confirm’) 
  • Name your custom audience something that you’ll remember so you can find the results.

Once you’ve done this, your ‘Create Audience’ box should look like this:

Facebook gives you the option of choosing your target audience’s size and location. This means you can make the decision to select a large audience (to increase your potential customer base and recognition) or a smaller audience (to focus on increasing your conversion rate). According to Mashable, online retailers using Facebook’s lookalike audiences have seen a 56% lower cost for acquiring new customers.

Once you’re setup, your Facebook ads will be sent to people who have similar interests to the people who bought from you.



If you have already have a few fans on your own Facebook page then you should start retargeting towards them. They’re already fans of your designs so it makes sense to sell your custom products to them. Forbes shows that selling your designs to existing fans of your page will be significantly cheaper than trying to find new customers, so it’s better to make use of any fans that you might already have.

When you set up a Facebook work campaign, in the option ‘target people who are connected to’ select your page. This will send your ads directly to your fans and should increase sales within your already established fan base.


What have we learned...

Retargeting is a great way to increase your sales and conversion rates because it focuses advertisements at people who have already shown an interest in you and your business. This means that your adverts will be more likely to lead to sales and high conversion rates as well as enabling you to build up your brand recognition.

You should now be able to:

  • Set up a Facebook Pixel to monitor who visits your site and doesn’t take any action, such as adding a product to their cart (allowing you to remarket toward them) 
  • Retarget your designs to people with similar traits as those who have already bought your products because they’re more likely to be interested (meaning you can increase your audience and build up your brand recognition) 
  • If you have a Facebook Page with existing fans, then you should remarket to them as a way to avoid the cost of acquiring new customers

Time to put your new skills into practice and start Retargeting to Facebook users. This is a great step toward building up your business and help you develop into a successful entrepreneur.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, come see us at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!

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