Running a successful niche page
Oct 08, 2016 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Facebook ads usually run from pages associated with their audience. This is so an ad’s source looks relevant to its content and relevant to the audience itself. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have multiple audiences and run a niche page for each, serving to make ads look presentable and to draw the audience into liking the page for future targeting. But a smart seller doesn’t stop there. In this blog we’ll be showing you best practices for running a page for maximum following, engagement, and profitability.



Some advertisers put a few pieces of relevant content on a page and then leave it alone forever, going months or even years without new posts, advertising all the while. What they don’t consider is that people need to trust that people like themselves run this fan page, and a relevant name/profile picture isn’t enough — regular content shows your audience that you’re one of them. If you’re advertising in high numbers, people are liking your page. It’s a by-product of ad spend, and you’re receiving page likes that would cost €0.08 - €0.40 on their own with a page likes ad. By keeping your page updated with relevant content you can turn these pages from a necessary utility into powerful, well-read Facebook sites.



Due to the addictive nature of getting likes, upvotes, favourites, etc., original content relating to your niche is created/posted online in many places. Anywhere content can be shared or commented on, you will find relevant content for your page.

These are some good places to look. Popular posts are the most powerful content, so always arrange your search by “hot” or “popular” rather than by date.

  • Search by keyword, find relevant subreddits, and then search within that subreddit, arranging content by ‘top’ & adding “site:imgur” to your keyword search (to deliver images and GIFs). For new hot content (and news), look to specific subreddits’ feeds without any search criteria.

  • Use Tweetdeck’s keyword search to look for tweets by the number of RTs/Favs they’ve received
  • Use Tumblr to search keywords by “popular”
  • Use Instagram (mobile, not web) to search hashtags — the most popular 9 posts will appear at the top!

  • Facebook’s search system is getting better all the time, don’t be shy of it
  • Follow (don’t friend request) users who have shared popular relevant posts. The other content they post is very shareable!

(Tip: Always attribute your sources, otherwise this can lead to negative publicity for your page and Facebook takedown notices!)



A cursory Google of your niche keywords plus “terminology”, “lingo”, “slang” or even “quotes” will result in you knowing how to write text to accompany your content. Speaking the same language as your audience results in higher following, higher engagement, and more discussion in comments.



If you have a large following, you are valuable to someone. Reach out to related pages and offer to promote their content on your page, ideally with a time-sensitive discount code (to make it appealing to their audience and to help explain its presence in their content feed). You can either receive income from referrals, direct income from them paying you to let them sponsor content, or you can trade ads so you appear on their page in exchange for them appearing on yours. This exchange isn't restricted to other Facebook pages, you can also reach out to businesses, influencers, agencies, or any relevant entity to give them exposure in exchange for money or services. Eventually, your page can be valuable enough to sell for a large sum, if that’s what you want to do!

Follow these steps to help maintain a regularly updated, trustworthy, relatable and steadily growing niche page. Let us know how you get on at the Moteefe Facebook Hangout!

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