Increasing the Scale of Your Campaigns
Feb 10, 2017 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

The key to success and making yourself a small fortune is to never stop growing. Your business may start off small, but it definitely shouldn’t stay that way. Unless you don’t want to be rich...

Be BIG, bold and hungry for success. It’s time to supersize your campaign.

Increase Your Ad Spend

Supersizing your business also means supersizing your spending (unfortunately not the fun kind). When you set up your next Facebook Ad, you need to boost your budget. With a higher budget, Facebook will be able to reach far more people with your adverts.

Of course, you don’t want to go overboard. You can’t just go from $10 to $1000 and expect money to rain down from the heavens. If your cost per impression is going up instead of down, then you’ll want to lower your budget.

Every decision you make should be backed up by the analytics from your targeted ads. If you haven’t started to look at the analytics on your adverts yet, you can learn how to by clicking here.

Expand Your Product Range

Increasing the scale of your business means giving people more choice. Unfortunately choice is a double edged sword. Offer too little and people won’t be able to buy what they want, but offer too much and people won’t know what to buy (like a kid in a candy store).

Moteef product range

Try creating campaigns which focus on different products, like phone cases or mugs. You can make your Facebook targeting much more focused if you split your audiences between product types. Target people who are looking for a hoodie with ads for hoodies and you’ll see your conversion rates shoot up (as well as your profits).

Multiply Your Campaigns

In order to supersize your business, you don’t just need to have more products, you also need more designs. You can’t just settle for 1 or 2 campaigns that target a single niche audience. This is where you need to be bold and break into new markets.

If you focus on a single market, you’ll never be able to expand because you only have fixed number of potential customers. So you need to start creating designs for new niches. Yes, unfortunately that does mean double the work but it also means double the potential profit.

It’ll take awhile to get your footing in a new market, so be patient and stick with it. Making sales in different niches actually means your business is more secure, because you’re not relying on one group for all of your income.   

Boost your Organic Reach

The last thing you should do to increase the scale of your campaigns is to supersize yourself (wait, that came out wrong). You need to create a social media page and start building a following. This will help your business to keep on growing organically.

Social commerce marketing

By creating a page, you’re also creating a hub for fans of your custom products to leave reviews or see any new designs that you upload. Customers trust reviews 12x more than product descriptions, so having a place to collect them is a great way to build on your business.

When consumers start to trust you and your business you’ll also start to see some organic sales as people stumble across your page and see something they like (and it’s totally free). Leave a link to your social page in campaign descriptions so that people know where to find you.

So, How Do You Scale?

Don’t settle for less, build your business and becoming the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of. All you need to do to increase the scale of your business is follow these steps.

  1. Increase the budget on your Facebook ads
  2. Put your designs on more products and target specific groups with them
  3. Create more designs and target new niche audiences with them
  4. Build a social media following so you can start gaining organic traction

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