Selling Canvases : How to make the most of a huge opportunity
Okt 26, 2017 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

The easiest way to make a lot of money online is to sell products that nobody else has. This is why we are always on the hunt for new amazing products!

Canvases have been selling very well in the USA but nobody is selling them in Europe right now. Well, with Moteefe you can now do it with great quality, great base costs, and low shipping prices.

 This is a HUGE opportunity, if you are reading this, you can become one of the first people to sell canvases in Europe, the US and everywhere in the world. Sure… you could start next year but the real money is made when you are the first to do it.  

Interested ? Here are 7 tips to help you make even more sales.

1) A canvas is the perfect Christmas gift

Research shows that 97% people are looking to spend more than $100 in the US and Europe for the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. Canvases are the only Print on Demand product that is valuable enough to be in that price range.

They make amazing gifts (it is not just people buying for themselves) and in October, November, and December when people are hunting for great ideas, if you hit them perfectly with the right advert, they will sell like crazy.

 2) Do your research

Amazon, Etsy, and Pinterest are my favorite places to search for canvas ideas. But broaden your search, the inspiration for great canvases can come from photography, paintings and more. Remember that the kind of artwork needed for canvases can be different to the artwork and ideas for t-shirts. This is part of the home decoration range, not clothing.  

 3) Design specially for canvases, not for t-shirts

Canvases need more colour and generally a better design to sell well. People want some colour in their homes and canvases are a great way to do that.

You can also find a lot of different niches that didn’t work so well on t-shirts that will work perfectly on canvas. The animal niches do great and modified photography as well. Quotes can still work especially if they are funny or inspiring but there is a big opportunity to just use graphics rather than text.

4) Explore new markets

The coolest thing about selling Canvases with Moteefe is that you can sell everywhere in the world. Europe will have tons of buyers for canvas, it is very trendy now. Also if you just have an image then you don’t need to translate and can sell to all countries. As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. I think it is time to sell some canvases to Lithuania for example.

5) Get your design size and prices right

Here are the design sizes for canvases, remember that there is a bleed area of 1.25cm on each side.

Here are our recommended prices which start from €39.99 and go all the way up to €74.99. You can make a crazy €40 profit per unit sold! I think you can even sell those products for up to €99.99.

6) Canvas as your main product but don’t forget to add all the others! 

Canvases can be a bit expensive for some people. They might love your design but are not ready to spend $50 to buy it. So give people cheaper options, add phone cases, mugs or cushions. Make sure to add different products to increase your conversion rates and get everyone buying!

Other products can make a great upsell too and increase your order value. So, don’t forget to add other products.

 7) Sell your canvases with Moteefe to make more money

With printing in Europe and the US, low shipping prices, great base costs and superb quality this product is guaranteed to make you a ton of money. Become one of the first people to sell canvases in Europe with Moteefe and get the benefits of selling a product in a new market. This is going to massively boost your conversion rates and sales. 

What are you waiting for??!! Let's Rock the Christmas Season with Canvas!

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