8 secrets to making your products sell themselves
Nov 27, 2016 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

There’s no single secret to creating a product that sells successfully. That’s because there’s actually 8 secrets, and we think it’s about time to spill the beans.

Before we reveal our 8 super secrets, we want to give you a not-so-secret tip. Find your own niche audience to sell to. We can’t recommend this enough, it’s the cornerstone of your ecommerce success. 

If you haven’t found one yet, follow this guide on our blog to find a niche audience. 

1. Identify Your Audience’s Needs

Your niche audience needs someone to look after them, someone who knows what they want even before they do. That’s where you come in. 

This can be anything from offering them a product they want to giving them a print design that really speaks to them. When you’re looking for inspiration, try to look into groups on social media that tailor to your niche audience. 

Social commerce niche markets

Finding out what your niche audience wants means two things: 

1. Doing research in niche social media groups and subreddits

  • By looking at the groups your niche audience is interested in, you can find out what they find interesting and if anything is trending to give you inspiration.

2. Getting involved and engaging with them

  • Have a look at niche groups on Facebook or subreddits and interact with the community. Find out what your audience wants directly from their mouths (or keyboards, in this case).

Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to gain inspiration from your niche audience. You can see what kind of things people are engaging with and you can draw inspiration from these visuals to create your products.  

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, learn more from this blog post.

2. A high quality design for our high quality products

You have your custom product idea now. Good job, go find someone to give you high five! Then come back for the next step, because unfortunately there’s still a little more work to be done. It’s time to take your custom designs to the next level. 

Here at Moteefe we print your product designs using top of the line DTG Printers so that we can offer the best quality for cost. So, if you want to take advantage of our printers, you’re going to need to upgrade your print designs. 

We have a full article explaining the ins-and-out of creating a high quality design, but here’s the short version:

  • Make sure you’re using RGB Colour mode
  • Keep the resolution at 300 DPI
  • Save as a PNG with no background

Follow these tips to give your custom products the highest quality designs around, so you can take full advantage of our printers. This might even help you gain some organic traction because if people like their quality custom products, they’ll leave good reviews for others to see.

People trust testimonials and 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from someone that has positive user reviews. So make sure your print designs are top-notch quality. 

3. Offer options

It might be true that too much choice is a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer any options. However, the fact remains, people like choice. Giving people the chance to get the exact custom product they want is never a bad thing. The problem with too many choices comes when you overload them with options.  

This doesn’t mean that you need to put your print designs on every single product option with all the colours for each of your Moteefe campaigns. It’s about finding which products go well with your print designs. Someone might like your design, but would prefer a custom phone case to a t-shirt.

Give them the option, you might find your designs sell better on different products.

Moteef design builder

You don’t just want to offer people the choice of product though, because the colour is just as important. Limiting your custom products to one or two colours might also limit your sales as people can’t find the option they like. To become an ecommerce success, give people the chance to choose what they want.   

4. Look at your competition

Once you’ve done a little stalking of your niche audience it’s time to stalk your competition a little. You’ll be able to see different t-shirt designs being advertised to your niche and it’s important to take note of what they’re doing well and what they’re doing… less well.

You’ll normally be able to find their custom designs in the places where you’ll be advertising. So have a look in the niche audience groups and see what products are being shared.

After your light stalking, you should have a nice pros and cons list of things that you can apply to your custom product and marketing strategy. Using your competition to upgrade your own ecommerce sales will give you an early advantage because it lets you avoid the mistakes they’ve made while taking advantage of the things that work for them.

This is especially useful when looking at the next few secrets we have to share with you...    

5. Pick the right price

Obviously, the goal of your campaign is to become a successful entrepreneur living in a house of gold, but you can’t go rushing into anything. Those stories of becoming a millionaire overnight are inspiring, and also rarely true. It pays off to take your time.

Finding the perfect price to sell your custom t-shirts at will take time. You have two main choices when it comes to setting your price: 

  1. Offer a low base price or discount to a low price - at the cost of your profit margin
  2. Offer a higher price and receive more profits - at the potential loss of customers

 Moteef pricing


When you’re starting your clothing line, offering a low price on your custom products is likely to increase your organic traction and boost sales. This is because consumers want to get the most out of their spending, and if they find a good deal, they’ll share it with their friends.

Yesmail found that over 30% of respondents shared clothing deals with their friends on social media, and over 35% have shared percentage-off deals.

So offering a discounted price on your custom t-shirts means you’re going to gain some serious organic traction, but your profit margins will suffer because of it. Gaining organic traction is better for you in the long-run but if you want to make money in the meantime, try...


Before we get into this too much, by ‘high price’ we don’t mean selling t-shirts online at €50 and waiting for the profits to roll in (we can tell you now, you’ll be very disappointed by the results). We mean selling t-shirts at around €15, so people will still be willing to buy them.

You can still sell custom products online at a higher price, it just means that you’re going to find it harder to appeal to consumers. This isn’t the end of the world though, there are a few ways of making people want to buy your custom products at a higher price. In fact, our last few secrets will help you with just that.   

6. Create value

Most people only think about value in terms of the physical thing you get for the money you spend on it. This is technically true, but if you really want to drive sales then you’ll need to create some extra value for your custom products.

Perceived value is the non-monetary value that a customer sees in your custom products. There are a few sneaky ways that you can create this kind of value… 

1. Draw focus away from the price

  • Make your customers think about the quality of what they’re getting (since we’ve already optimised your print designs) and the perceived value will increase

2. Create a sense of urgency

  • With Moteefe’s campaign system you can promote your custom products by saying saying that they’re only available for a limited time only. This will send people into panic mode and their wallets will be out before they realise it.


Moteef urgency


3. Use reviews for your custom products

  • This will only work if you’ve already made a few sales and have some positive feedback, but a good review builds trust and makes your custom product appear more valuable because other people have spend their hard earned cash on it. 

4. Get help from social media influencers

  • If your print designs are being shown off by the best and brightest (or the most popular at least), then the perceived value of your products will skyrocket.

These sneaky steps are some of the most common techniques for increasing perceived value, but the main idea is to show off some benefits of your custom products.

You might think that some of the benefits are obvious. However they’re not always obvious to everyone, so if you want to be an ecommerce success, you need to show off a little. Where should you be showing this off? Well... 

7. Ad and Campaign copy

We heard you were looking for a place to put all that perceived value you created. Your campaign page is the best place to start as it’s the point where most people will make the final decision of whether they want to buy your t-shirt designs or not.   

You should never have a blank campaign page, you need a description of your print design or your custom products so that people know what they’re getting. There are a few approaches to this effectively…

  • Keep it short, sweet and direct
  • Appeal to an emotion or feeling
  • Informative and honest
  • Humour for your niche audience

Your campaign page is the perfect way to draw people in a little more and increase your ecommerce sales. It’s not only the copy on your campaign that you need to keep in tip-top shape though.

You need to stay on top of your ad copy as well. Make sure your Facebook adverts are appealing your niche audiences by stylising your ad copy in the right way. Let’s face it, people have tiny attention spans, so you need to get their attention in under 8 seconds to be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur. 

If you do this, then there’s only one step left for creating a sales generating product. 

8. Make Use of Social Marketing

We know, you’re thinking ‘Why is there a marketing secret on this article about my product’. Well, we’ve already mentioned a little bit about this already in the copy section. Here’s a hint, it’s to do with your adverts. 

You need to set up top quality adverts to sell products online. Since we’ve mentioned the copy already, you now need to get your advert images to be as good quality as your custom products.

Moteef mockups

You can download a high quality mock-up from your campaign dashboard to use on your targeted adverts and make sure you’re getting your ads out to your niche audience. Using Facebook Targeted ads, you’ll be able to showcase your products easily.

So it’s best to make sure you get the right impression across by using the best images and copy available. 

Super Secret Round-up

Now that we’ve spilled the beans and you know our secret success tips for your custom products. You’ll be able to get out there and start selling products online, remember to follow these tips... 

  1. Niche Audience Needs
  2. High Quality Designs
  3. Offer Options
  4. Look At Your Competition
  5. Pick the Right Price
  6. Create Value
  7. Ad and Campaign Copy
  8. Social Marketing

If you have any questions for us, ask us at the Moteefe Hangout. Or if you want to learn more, you can brush up on your knowledge with our blog posts and articles.

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