Targeting like a king: Audience Insights
Oct 28, 2016 - MARKETING
Jorge Lopes

Now that you’ve found your perfect niche and come up with some great designs (with the help of a graphic designer, if necessary), it’s time to start digging into the wonderful world of Facebook advertising.

Although there are free ways to reach out to customers, like Reddit, Pinterest or Instagram; Facebook is still king when it comes to reaching lots of targeted users and making money through targeted advertising.

 Facebook Advertising


Introducing Facebook Audience Insights

So, without further ado, let’s introduce audience insights.

Audience insights give you the power to adjust your audience in real time to work out exactly who you’re targeting. Every time you edit an interest, the age range and gender breakdown will change. For example, skateboarding is likely to be young and male while knitting is likely to be older and female.

This lets you learn a lot about specific audiences and tighten your targeting before you start spending money on adverts.


Where to find it

You can access Audience Insights through the Ads manager on the top left of your home page. You’ll then need to go to tools and the audience insights to get onto the main page.

Here’s how it looks, resplendent in the blue tones that we have come to know and love:

 Ads manager

Now you know where to find it, let’s have a look at how you can use it to tap into the power of Facebook’s database.


Let’s get some insight!

1. Creating a new audience

The first step is to select the type of audience you want to work with:


The options are fairly self-explanatory but just in case:

  • Everyone on Facebook - All users of Facebook
  • People connected to your page - All of the people who like your Facebook fan page
  • A custom audience - Any custom audience you’ve created using the Power Editor or using Facebook pixels that you have installed to Moteefe (Don’t know how to do this? Don’t even know what a pixel is? Don’t worry, you can find out here).

If you want to create an ad for a new page that you have created, then you should select ‘Everyone on Facebook’. If you already have a community page or some other area where you attract members of a niche who you are targeting, then the page option is going to be your best friend.


You will then have to move on to the targeting options:

  • Custom audience - Add an existing custom audience so that you can analyse it.
  • Location
  • Age and gender
  • Interests
  • Connections - Include or exclude fans of your page
  • Advanced - Filter for specific behaviours, languages, relationship status, education, work, financial, home, politics, life events, and users of Facebook on specific devices.

The key option here is interests, since this will allow you to narrow the entire user base of Facebook down to a specific niche, a small group of people with a shared interest, whether it’s cars or cupcakes, policemen or pugs.


2. Targeting an interest

The easiest way to learn how to use Audience Insights is to throw yourself in at the deep end.

Although there are plenty of niches to go after (Read our blog article on niches), for our example, we’re going to focus on beer lovers.

Although most people like beer, in order to find the most engaged fans who are likely to buy the product, you’re going to want to target much more deeply. If you don’t carefully target then you risk paying for an advert that is delivered to a lot of people but who don’t necessarily love beer enough to buy a custom T-shirt about it.


Introducing affinity

Therefore, the most important thing to consider when trying to understand your audience is the affinity of your audience.

Affinity is the likelihood that any single member of your current audience will be a fan of other related pages and interests.

In this example, you can see that 18.600 people like ‘The Home Brewing Club’ and that this audience is 370.6 times more likely to like this page than the ‘average’ Facebook user:


A good affinity will start around 50x, so you can see that in this example, the audience is truly passionate about the subject of beer. It also helps to have a lot of pages with high affinity rather than just one high affinity page with a few lower ones (like 10x).

Make sure you don’t save your audience until it has super high affinity. It will take time and some knowledge of the subject, but if you want to make sure you reach the most engaged audience of people that are most likely to buy your t-shirt design, it’s worth it.


In our case, the interests taken to get this affinity were:

 Target Audience

As you can see, we’ve specifically targeted homebrewers and craft brewers. These are people that go to the trouble to make their own beer at home, so are clearly bigger fans of beer than the average person drinking a few pints at the weekend. Therefore, these are the people most likely to buy a T-shirt expressing their love of beer.

 Now, the question is. How do we find these interests? Unfortunately, the answer is time, research and effort. If you want to make a success of your campaign though, it’s worth putting in the time.

So where to start? In this case, although the beer-lovers shirt we have in mind is gender neutral, we decided to select an age range of 22 to 45 years old and focus on the USA. Obviously, this will change from niche to niche, have a think about the demographics of your group- is your ‘average’ member of the niche 18, male and European or 65, female and American?

We then need to start on the interests. For beer lovers, we can start out easy with a big name like Heineken. It’s popular, widely available, and a lot of people love the brand. This got 3x affinity which clearly isn’t targeted enough but is a start. From there, it’s a simple case of trying to add more targeted interests while removing the old ones. In the list suggested by Audience Insights, I found Miller Genuine Draft, with a strong affinity of 128x.

 Audience affinity

However, the list is still looking weak for the lower affinities, so we can definitely do better.

 In the case of finding really engaged members of a niche, the hardcore fans, it is best to focus on more obscure aspects of the hobbies that only these kind of fans will like. In this case, craft beer is a great choice as only more serious fans of beer are likely to like the page. ‘Craft beer and brewing’  is another option, since only the most hardcore beer fans are likely to brew their own beer. Now that we’ve selected some more specific aspects of the niche, affinity has hugely increased with every page weighing in at over 100x. Additionally, you’ve got to know the niche a little better and have some great interests to experiment with as you scale the campaign.

facebook affinity

This tactic can be used for any niche where you’re trying to find the most engaged people in the niche. If you are targeting a film or a band, if you target the director of the film or the drummer of the band, you’re likely to find more engaged fans than those who simply ‘like’ the target interest.

Although there is so much information available on sources like Google and Wikipedia, there is so much information in audience insights, you can almost exclusively confine your search within Facebook. Just make a cup of tea, block out some time, look at all the possible angles and interests and refine, refine, refine.

As with many things, to find success in Internet Marketing, you’re going to need to have ideas, test them, refine the ideas, and start the whole cycle again and again. This is as true in audience insights as it is in coming up with successful adverts or working out which products sell where.


Audience activity

Another handy hint is to work out how engaged your audience is compared to the wider Facebook community. On the fourth tab of audience insights, the activity option will let you know how likely your chosen audience is to like a page, comment or like on a post, or even click on an advertisement.


This will let you gauge how much your audience uses Facebook and how likely they are to interact with content, giving you an understanding of how successful your adverts are likely to be with this specific audience.



Give yourself a pat on the back, we've now covered another part of the process and you're a step further towards launching a great, targeted campaign. Now you've worked out who you're going to be targeting, it's time to export the information to ads manager and start pushing out those advertisements and selling your own t-shirts. Keep an eye out in coming weeks for more blog posts that will help to grow your knowledge and launch even more successful campaigns in the future.

If you need any further help, just drop us an email or post on our seller's Facebook group, and one of the Moteefe crew will be there to help answer questions or simply provide a sounding board for new campaign ideas. We love chatting to our sellers and welcoming people into the wonderful world of internet marketing so don't be shy.


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