5 Tips to Maximize Your Black Friday Ecommerce Traffic
Nov 19, 2016 - MARKETING
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

In the sales calendar, this weekend is important. Not only is it Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday, it also marks the 4 week countdown to Christmas.

What is Black Friday?

Originating in the United States of America, Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) and is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping period. With the switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas, retailers have often capitalised on this and offered big discounts to their customers. In recent years, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) have been growing in other countries such as the UK and we have seen billions of pounds spent both in stores and online.

With only a few days left, here are 5 quick fixes you can implement to increase your conversion rates in time for the seasonal rush.

1. Offer a discount

Black Friday means one thing for most shoppers: big discounts on popular items. With the busy Christmas season in full swing, the Black Friday weekend is predicted to be bigger than ever before this year. According to Forbes, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are expected to exceed the $3 billion mark per day, up 11.5% and 9.4% respectively over last year.

The main drive for shoppers is discounts on popular goods, which means that the easiest way you can increase attention and sales on your campaigns is to offer a discount that customers simply can’t say no to.

Black Friday sales with Moteef


Percentage Vs. Monetary Discount - would you be more attracted to a campaign that had 40% off or £4 off?

Free Shipping - offering free shipping worldwide works very well to drive traffic, however if your product price is too high then customers may drop off. When uploading your design, Moteefe automatically sets a recommended retail price that you can adjust accordingly, so try not to inflate your prices too much to compensate for the free shipping.

Read more here.

2. Get your campaigns up and running now...

  • People have already started browsing online
  • Thanksgiving is also a big shopping day - Thursday
  • Offer the full range of colours and products - mugs and phone cases work well as Christmas presents
  • You have time to see which campaigns are working (through FB ads)
  • Be aware. Prices are going to go up on advertising and there will be more competition
  • With many media outlets and social media advertising mentioning Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, shoppers are starting to search for their purchases earlier than ever before. Although Black Friday is on, well, Friday, customers are actively browsing online now for the best products and discounts.

3. Plan your marketing

Planning your marketing strategy in advance is a necessity for Black Friday and the weekend following. You want your adverts to stand out from the competition so that you can maximise your social commerce sales. Remember to:

  • Be creative and stand out
  • Write compelling copy
  • Include eye-catching imager

If you want to write copy that converts, the best policy is to keep things short and sweet. Tell your customers exactly what you’re selling and use your compelling images to show them why they want it. The holidays are only around for a short while, and so are your products. Encourage consumers to buy now before they miss their chance with a strong call to action. AdRoll found that calls-to-action (CTAs) increase your click-through-rate by 2.85x their normal rate.

Examples of a CTA    

While you’re focusing on your copy, remember to make sure that your campaign page has a full description. Nothing is worse than getting a customer to your page, only to scare them off with a blank page. Let them know what you and your custom merch is all about.

4. Retarget previous customers

As your sales will increase by so much over the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to retarget your custom merchandise to previous customers. If you set up a Facebook Pixel on one of your old campaigns, then you’ll be able to target a previous audience, for more information about the Facebook Pixel click here.

Retargeting with Moteef

Retargeting your Facebook Adverts to a previous audience will remind people of your custom product designs. Since these people have already shown interest in your designs in the past, it’s actually easier than you might think to turn them into customers. A direct ad with great copy and eye-catching images will go a long way to getting back those old customers. If you need a little hand with retargeting your ads, we have a useful article which can help you, here.

5. Give people options

It might be hard to accept, but not everyone wants to buy a custom t-shirt on Black Friday, sometimes they want to buy a nice new mug, or a phone case. Fortunately, you can offer them both of those, and more.

Phone cases on Moteef

With Cyber Monday coming up just after Black Friday, offering people the chance to get a custom phone case just before they go out and buy a new phone is a marketing goldmine. Why limit your sales when you have the option to put your designs on multiple products? It’s a little extra work, but that’s all it will cost you.

Now it’s your turn

With these powerful marketing tips, you’ll have the most successful Black Friday weekend possible. Just remember to:

  • Offer a discount on your custom merchandise
  • Get started now, before it’s too late
  • Plan out your marketing and make your content king
  • Target previous customers with brand new adverts tailored for them
  • Give people options by setting up a campaigns for multiple products

Now that you’re ready, it’s up to you to make those holiday sales. It’s not too late to get started and grow your ecommerce business.

You just need to #MakeItHappen. 

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