Trends that will help you crush it in 2018
Dic 19, 2017 - MARKETING
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

We know how tricky it can be coming up with designs that truly delight your audience, but we think that there are a number of trends you should really know about and think about taking advantage of in 2018. There are quite a few major events happening in the next 12 months, so with our help, make sure that you’re ahead of the game and start thinking about your first campaign of what is going to be your BEST YEAR EVER.

Trends to help you crush it 2018


With Donald Trump ‘celebrating’ his first year in the White House, there might be a good chance to create some anniversary themed tees around this topic that get people talking and get those heads turning. That’s if you’re targeting America - think about your guys in Europe, as Brexit is bound to be a big part of the conversation. Do your research on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and look at ways to find the wit or the humour in that situation. It sounds harder than it actually is…


If you’re into your sports like I am, then it won’t have escaped your attention that the World Cup will be held in July in Russia. From creating tees, phone cases and mugs (magic and normal!) that turn your audience into super fans, to producing sweaters that get them really in mood, there are SO many ways that you can be creative and capitalise on the energy that the once-every-four- years tournament can bring.

Royal Wedding…

It might have escaped your attention, but apparently (so we’re told),  there’s a royal wedding? We’re only joking, of course, but the big news this year was that Prince Harry is to marry Suits actor Meghan Markle. In the UK, the whole country literally stops in their tracks to celebrate the union between royals, so make this enthusiasm count with adding this theme to your first campaign. The wedding is on May 19th (The same day as the FA Cup final), but before that is…

Harry and Meghan

…and a Royal Baby

One thing British people love more than a wedding is a new baby, and they’ll be treated to the birth of the child who will be fifth in line to the throne! Think about how your audience might celebrate this moment, with mugs, or even something cool like baby grows celebrating this moment.

Star Wars Fever

At the time of writing, the latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise is a mere four days away, but don’t forget about how much of an impact this will have on popular culture. Just please remember that you need to steer clear of any trademarks, so instead think about phrases like “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” (a line which has been used in every Star Wars film) and doubling it up with some awesome designs!

So, there you have it, just a few themes that could make a huge difference to how 2018 shapes up for you and your campaigns. But why wait until January 1st? With this inspiration, you can start designing and building campaigns now, ready to crush the next 12 months!

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