I’ve tried it all and I still have no sales
Mar 20, 2017 - SALES
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

You’ve followed the steps and put the time in you so you should be getting some quality sales, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So what do you do when you’ve tried it all and STILL have no sales?

One seller (we’ll call him Tom) followed all the steps, down to the letter.

  1. Find and research your niche audience - Tick. 
  2. Create a personalised design for your niche - Tick. 
  3. Make targeted Facebook adverts for your custom audience - Tick, tick AND tick.  

Yet, he still couldn’t get more than 10 sales from his campaign. The internet had lied to him, he was promised a t-shirt empire and he received nothing.

What went wrong?

In order to build that t-shirt business and make it big in social commerce, you need to do a little something extra. The only way for him to find out what went wrong was to look at his advert performance. The first stop for Tom was his reach.  

By looking at his Reach he was able to see how many individual people saw his adverts, on its own this wasn’t particularly useful, but it gave him some context for his other metrics such as his Click-through-rate (CTR) and Actions.

His reach was about average but his CTR was very low (sitting at 0.27%). That left him with a couple potential problems for his campaign.

1. His design wasn’t interesting to his niche audience.
He would need to edit and change his audience or design.

2. The adverts he used weren’t good enough to get people to click. 
He would need to seriously improve all of his adverts.

In order to save himself the cost of re-running ads, he created a new design with a new niche audience.

Testing His Designs

The problem with picking a niche audience is that, unless you’re a part of that audience, it’s hard to understand what they’ll like or dislike. What you consider to be an awesome design might not be interesting to your niche.

It’s best to test the design with your audience first.

  • Tom downloaded the mockup from his campaign page and then posted it to Facebook pages and Reddit to see if his niche audience liked his design. 
  • He posted on his niche’s subreddit saying “I was looking for a new t-shirt and found this” with his mockup image.
  • Tom did this for his new design as well as his old one and found that his second design received more attention than his original design.

Now he had some actionable feedback (and a little organic traction) for his design, the next step was to perfect his Facebook Ads.

Testing His Facebook Ads

His designs weren’t the only potential issue with his campaign. It was just as likely that his adverts weren’t good enough at encouraging people to click, so he decided to A/B test them.

  1. Set A of his adverts were similar to his original ads 
  2. Set B had a different approach.

Set A


Set B


His second set of adverts were much much engaging and unsurprisingly resulted in a considerably better click-through-rate.

With the massive improvement to his CTR, more and more people started to see his custom merchandise and he finally started to make sales. Tom used the data he got from his Facebook Ads to turn a failed campaign into a profitable one.

If you’re having trouble getting sales for your campaign, it’s worth looking out for the signs.

What to look out for

A high reach and low CTR

  • Your niche audience or custom products need changing.
  • Your Facebook adverts aren’t reaching the right people and they’re not engaging enough.

A high reach and CTR but no sales

  • Your campaign page needs improving as people are seeing it and not being encouraged to make a purchase.
  • People aren’t able to get the options they’re looking for, whether that’s the product type or colour.

Your Ad spend (Cost per 1,000 impressions or Cost per Click) is too high

  • Your Facebook ads aren’t targeted enough for your niche audience so you need change your advert audience.

Learn from Tom by keeping an eye on your Facebook Ad metrics they’ll tell you if there’s an issue with your campaign. If you have any questions about your campaigns or adverts then come ask our experts at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook.


Image Credit: Oculto

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