Using emotion to improve conversion rates
Jan 07, 2017 - MARKETING
Jorge Lopes

It’s officially a disaster. Your friend’s birthday is this week and you forgot. You go, desperately searching for anywhere that can deliver in time. “Next day delivery” - Hallelujah. Before you know it you’ve bought your gift and put your feet up. 

But what exactly made you buy right there and then?

You might be saying to yourself: “Well that’s a silly question, you’re buying because you need a gift”. While that might have been the reason you were looking to buy, it’s not the reason you bought from them. Sorry to say this but, you were tricked.

According to Cox Business, 31% of marketers see a significant increase in sales with emotion based campaigns. Those marketers played you with their promises of incredibly fast delivery times. How dare they offer you such great deals!

Your emotions affect almost every decision you make in your day-to-day life. From what you drink in the morning to whether or not you buy that sweet custom t-shirt you saw online. Knowing how to use this in your ecommerce marketing will increase your conversion rates significantly.

Don’t believe us? If only there were some way we could show you it’s true…

Proof that it works

There’s proof that emotional cues improve conversion rates all over ecommerce marketing. We’ve found a few examples to show you just how much you can improve conversion rates. If you’re sitting there thinking - ‘How can you do this though?’, then jump to the next section.

Conversioner ran a series of A/B tests for a dating site. They changed the homepage to appeal to emotions that potential visitors wanted to feel. They found that the homepage which appealed to a sense of satisfaction and relief increased signups by 38% and the conversion rate of paying users by 304%.

  • Testing your Facebook adverts is always a great way to optimise your click-through-rate, but not many people focus on changing emotions. 
  • Change the emotion behind your ads, you might find that your niche audience starts clicking a lot more often.

Psychologists from the University of Southern California found that emotional response to ads increases the chance of purchases by nearly 2x the effect of the advert’s content. For ecommerce marketing difference is huge.

  • Not only will your click-through-rate rate improve by changing your adverts, but so will your conversion rate.
  • So you need to know which emotions will help you the most.

Hopefully you believe us when we say that knowing how to use emotion to increase conversion rates is key for your ecommerce marketing strategy. To get the ball rolling though, you need to be sure you know about your about niche audience, (for help with finding your niche audience read this article).

Okay, it’s time to get into ‘How’ to use emotion to boost conversion rates. So, without further ado…

The 4 emotions to use in your marketing

To master the use of emotion in your advertising, you need to get in touch with your feelings. 4 of them to be precise.

  • Greed
  • Fear
  • Trust
  • Convenience

Looking at that list, you might not want to get in touch with your feelings. We promise we’re not just being negative. These really are the best emotions to use for improving your conversion rates. In fact, Outbrain found that negative headlines in your adverts convert 30% better than those with a positive tone.

Just to make sure you’re getting in touch with your feelings (and since we’re not qualified psychiatrists), here’s a breakdown of each emotion and how they improve your conversion rates.

1. Greed

This is all about the value of your offer. You want to use consumer greed to improve your click-through-rate and sell your custom merchandise.

  • Offer a discount on your custom products
  • Give them a little something extra
  • Increase the perceived value of your custom merchandise

phone case facebook advert example

We’re basically saying that people like it when you offer them a little more; beyond the transaction value. It’s almost like a ‘thanks for buying’ gift for the consumer and it establishes a good relationship, and an even better conversion rate.  

2. Fear

We don’t condone the use of fear tactics to scare people into buying custom mugs. So please don’t go around scaring people with custom mug designs and telling everyone we said it was okay. It’s not.

This is actually about creating a sense of urgency so people are scared they’ll miss out on your sweet, new, custom merchandise. Moteefe’s campaign system is great for this (the sense of urgency, not making people scared).

sense of urgency example ad 

You can set your campaign for 21 days then offer discounts for custom mugs one week and a new discount on t-shirts the week after. This creates a sense of urgency on both the campaign as a whole and on the discount for each custom product.  

Use copy which emphasises that people will miss out if they don’t buy now, and show how much time they have left to purchase. If your audience is afraid of missing out then you’ll see your conversion rates shoot up.

3. Trust

Phew, finally some positivity here. Trust is a nice, safe, feeling which is constantly proving it’s value. Knowing how to encourage people to trust you in your adverts is a surefire way to improving click-through-rates.

  • Durability - “Our print designs stay strong, wash after wash after…”
  • Originality - “This custom sweater was designed especially for you…”
  • Reward (through retargeting ads) - “To thank you for your purchase here’s 10% off…”

quality guarantee facebook ad example

By making people trust in you and your custom products, you’ll find that not only your conversion rates improve but also your customer retention. So if you’re in this for the long run and want to build a bit of a brand, start using trust to your advantage.

4. Convenience

Our scenario in the intro is a great example of how to use convenience and time to improve conversion rates. The holidays are the best time for appealing to convenience.

  • Show people that you offer the exact custom t-shirt they want
  • Make it clear that they can order your print designs quickly and easily
  • Prove you can deliver the product straight to their doorstep in time for the holiday

Holiday facebook ad example 

Appealing to them by offering a fast experience from checkout to delivery will increase your click-through-rate. People lead busy lives and they’ll appreciate it if you can make their busy lives a little more simple.

How does that make you feel?

We know we said we’re “not qualified psychiatrists”, but the answer to that question should be ‘excited’, ‘happy’ or ‘ready to improve conversion rates by using emotion in Facebook ads’. That last one might have been a little specific.

Learn more about your niche audience then find out which emotion appeals to them the most. The main four are:

  • Greed/ Value - Offer something beyond the initial custom merchandise
  • Fear - Create a sense of urgency
  • Trust/ Reassurance - In you and your custom products
  • Convenience/ Time - Show how easy and quick it is to buy and deliver

If you have any questions then come ask us at the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook. Or if you want to learn a little more about improving your ad-style, check out our blog posts on How to write Facebook Ad copy and How to use a Call-to-Action.

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