Winning with Niche Pages
Oct 09, 2016 - MARKETING
Jorge Lopes

Let’s say you found your niche and you have a good design idea for it. You created your page, got a few likes but you still want to build it up before you sell your t-shirt design. A good, relevant, user base on your page can do wonders for your organic reach, here are a few pointers on how to grow your pages. Let’s start by having a look at your options!



Obviously, one of the ways you can grow your niche page is by investing in Page Likes adverts. You can get some cheap likes and raise that number, so it sounds like a good idea if you have some budget available, right?

Well, not completely right.

The real challenge with Page Likes is you have no way of knowing if the content you provide (or the design you’ll try to sell) is really relevant to the people that liked your page.

If you target interests that are too general, the Likes will come cheap but you’ll get people that aren’t as connected to your niche. On the other hand, if you target very specific interests, your cost per Page Like will rise above a reasonable level.

Facebook itself is trying to move advertisers from the perception that Page Likes numbers are relevant, and with the organic reach declining their importance is also decreasing, apart from being a number on your page. This doesn’t mean it’s an entirely bad idea to invest on Page Likes, but unless you’re in a rush to build up your page, you can always try doing it through content.



Getting Likes

One of the best ways to build up your audience is to provide content that they’ll interact with. Let’s say you have a page for a dog niche and you’re looking to build that up. How do you get your content?

Simple, look at what’s being posted in pages related to the same niche!

You can use your niche page to follow other pages focused on the same subject. In this case, we would do a simple Facebook search for “dog” and look for Page results, as shown below:


It’s a good idea to have a look at the pages with the highest number of followers. Be on the lookout for Community Pages too, as these are normally very content-focused.

Let’s say we’re going to follow Dogs World, but we’ll do it as our page. To do that, click the page name, and once you’re on the page go to the 3 dots button on the right and select “Like as my page”, as the image shows below:

 niche page, facebook, audience, finding your audience


Repeating this process for several pages will give you a stream of content every time you have to go to your niche page! To check your page’s feed, click the arrow on the right side of the blue bar on top of your profile and select your page under the “Use Facebook as…” text, as per the image below:

 moteefe, facebook, audience

Now that you have an immense amount of inspiring content you can start posting! Be on the lookout for video content particularly, we have seen some astonishing results.

Occasionally, people who sell t-shirts with us use adverts to promote the content they post at a low budget to acquire traction. This by itself drives a few page likes, but you also have the option to invite people that liked your post to like your page. To do so, go to your post and click on the names of people that liked it. You should come across a pop-up similar to the one below:


Then, just click “Invite” and you’re set! This will give you the most loyal, focused type of page likes you can get because these people already engaged with the content you were posting. Then you can start selling to your fans. A word of warning, though, don’t abuse this “invite” feature since Facebook tends to limit it in cases where you use it too often.


How much is too much?

When it comes to content for a Facebook page, there is really no limit.  Once, you could make a post and immediately appear on everyone’s News Feed, but we know those days are long gone so post as much as you can throughout the day and keep the content coming.

We’ve seen success with up to 10 posts a day, and the Post Scheduling feature on Facebook makes it easier to program, but try not to post too frequently. Posting several times a day is a simple way of getting some organic reach and maximising the chances of your fans seeing your content. However, Facebook can penalise you if you’re posting content that no one’s interacting with. Also, occasionally encourage your fans to share and tag the content you won’t be promoting with ads and you can even build up your page exclusively through organic reach! If you ask people for organic reach, you are more likely to get it.


So let’s sum it all up in key points:

  • Building up a niche page with Page Likes ads can work, but it is far from ideal
  • Follow niche pages to get ideas for content to share on your own page
  • Post content that your fans will like to share and tag friends in
  • Video provides amazing results
  • Invite people that liked your posts to like your page

Any other ways you use to build up that page? Let us know on the Moteefe Hangout on Facebook!

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