Getting Back into Work Mode Like a Boss
Fev 27, 2017 - GROWTH
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

There’s nothing better than laying down on the beach and enjoying some relaxation time in the sun. Unfortunately, there’s not much worse than waking up and realising that was last week and you’re late for work today.

You’re still in holiday mode and work snuck up on you while you were completely unprepared. Don’t panic though because you can get back into work mode in just a few simple steps.

1) Get started early

It may hurt to hear it, but you have to get up early. I don’t just mean a few minutes either. Your body used to relaxing, at this time you’d normally still be unconscious, so your work is going to be a lot slower than usual. By getting up early you’re extending your day, giving you more time to get stuff done.

2) Look Forward to the next break

The biggest obstacle to getting back into work mode is that you’re being held back by the loss of your holiday. That means you need a change of perspective. Look ahead to your next break, what do you have coming up soon?

  • Is your birthday coming up next weekend? Think of the cake!
  • Meeting friends next week? Think of the wine! 
  • Only got 2 hours left of work? Think of the sleep!

If something good is getting closer you’ll feel a lot better than if you’re focusing on your holiday getting further away.

3) Do the Easy Stuff First

So you’ve gotten up early and you’ve got the Monday motivation to get you through the week, now it’s time to start the work. Whatever you do - don’t open up your email (or Slack). That’s where all the scary big tasks get given to you and starting your day with them will weigh you down.

Start with small, achievable, goals to get you going. Each one you complete is a little motivation boost and deserves a well-earned high five. It doesn’t matter how small you start, as long as your build your way up to the top.

4) Put the Hard Stuff in a List

Well, you started at the bottom, now you’re here. Time to open those emails, whatever obstacle it is we’ll face it together. To help you recover from the shock of all that work, here’s a gif of duck struggling to stay awake.

These tasks are the tough ones and they’ll take a while to complete so you need to prioritise them, that means it’s list time. This makes your tasks easier to tackle AND you can look back on everything you’ve achieved.

5) Break down your tasks

I’ll admit, the list doesn’t help right away, it’s more of a long term motivator. However, you can use that list to help you get back your work ethic in the short term as well. It’s all about breaking down your tasks. For example;

"Make $5000 in social commerce sales this month"

Turns into:

  1. Research a niche
  2. Create a design
  3. Pick a product
  4. Upload design 
  5. Set up Facebook Ads
  6. Book another holiday with all that cash

That looks a lot better, doesn’t it? Those tasks are a lot easier to tackle individually and you have clear goals for each of your tasks.

6) Give it Time

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running your own business, living the laptop lifestyle or doing a 9 to 5 office job, getting back into work mode takes time. The difference between you and everyone else though is that you’re prepared and are taking charge, like a boss.

Besides, the quicker you get back into work mode the sooner you can book your next trip to the beach. While you’re waiting to book that holiday, why don’t you take a trip to the Hangout for a ‘work’ social - we’d love to see you there.

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