Worldwide campaigns: VAT vs non-VAT profits
Oct 25, 2016 - MOTEEFE
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Have you heard the news? Moteefe is now global and able to print and post customer’s orders from their nearest printing facility while automatically paying sellers VAT and non-VAT profits...

The addition of a US supplier to our European and UK printing facilities means that Moteefe is now global with three printing facilities and the ability to post to 224 countries and territories around the world.

 This means we have the lowest prices for the best quality products on the market and a maximum of ten days delivery time for your customers.

Our new printing facility not only results in quickly and easily fulfilling orders globally, but also in carefully worked out VAT vs non-VAT profits which maximises your overall profits.


What do these changes mean?

 When you create your campaign on Moteefe, we don’t force you to specify which continent you’ll be selling to like other platforms - instead, you only need to create one worldwide campaign meaning you can focus on getting your products in front of the eyes of niche audiences anywhere in the world.

 After your campaign has ended, we automatically split out and send your customer’s orders to their nearest printing facility, meaning that they’re not left waiting any longer than 10 days for their orders and they don’t need to pay extortionate postage fees.

 With this change, we now automatically work out VAT and non-VAT profits (also shown on the design builder) so for orders printed in the US where VAT doesn’t exist, we transfer profits plus the VAT amount back to you - meaning that you can enjoy even higher profits on your campaigns.

 VAT and Non-VAT profits work to improve your profit margins even more alongside our new pricing system, if you want to learn more about that, click here

 At a glance:

  •  Moteefe can now print and post orders from three locations - the US, the UK and Europe
  • Sellers on the Moteefe platform do not need to specify which country they’ll be selling to as part of the design process - all campaigns can be used worldwide
  • VAT and non-profits are clearly displayed as part of the upload process and paid directly to sellers once a payout has been requested 
  • Customers will automatically have their orders printed and posted from the nearest printing facility which lowers waiting times and keeps postage charges to a minimum

Everything else on the Moteefe platform stays the same!



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