How to make the most of your graphic designer
Mar 06, 2017 - DESIGN
Olivier Stapylton-Smith

Ever had the perfect idea for a t-shirt design? An idea for a truly iconic design, one that would be admired for years to come? Ever let that idea go because you either didn’t know how to design it or didn’t have the time? I did, and that’s why I hired a graphic designer.

Working with a graphic designer can be difficult, it’s hard to fully explain the idea in your mind and it’s even harder for a designer to create it from scratch (and for it to live up to what you want).

Honestly, the first time I hired a graphic designer, the process didn’t go very well at all.

The problem wasn’t the designer at all, in fact, they were great. The issue was, well... I wasn't fully aware of the things I had to do.

1) Clarity Is Key

Graphic design is a fantastic skill and one I certainly wish I had! To ensure an incredible design that fits your needs, you need to be open to creativity and also ready to visually display exactly what you want.

Too many options leave designers wondering where to start and what they come up with might not be anything close to what you’re looking for.

Help a designer out and throw some examples their way, why not do a sketch of what you want to guide them? The more examples you give them, the fewer edits and revisions you’ll have to go through. Every little helps (even if just makes them smile).

You should also make sure they know about any technical requirements for the creation before they get their design magic on. Things like:

  • Image Sizes (such as 1200x1200 pixels for Facebook Images or 4500x4500 for t-shirts)
  • Resolution (needs to be 300 DPI for us, find out more here
  • File Type (most designers work in JPEG, PNG or PSD - we recommend PNG for Moteefe)
  • If it needs to be background less (so you don’t have a giant white patch on your design)

2) Constructive Criticism

Like the point above, this is all about being clear. After your designer has spent hours slaving away at the computer creating the design you asked for; hearing “This is bad - try again” isn’t going to motivate them.

I’m not saying you should just accept what you’re given even if it’s wrong, you just need to be more clear with what you want. Try saying:

“I don’t like the colour on this section, can we make it lighter”


“This font doesn’t really fit with the rest of the design, can we try this font from dafont

The idea is to give specifics so they know where to improve the more precise you are the better (and always remember to send more examples). I’m basically saying you should act like a SatNav when the designer goes off course - suggest a new route.

3) Give Them Time

The one thing that surprised me the most was how impatient I became when I asked them for an edit. The problem is, you don’t want to end up with a rushed design and a good design is a piece of artwork - it takes an effort to get it right. The best designers will take slightly longer to ensure you have a 100% perfect design land in your inbox.

There’s a famous saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and while you’re not asking your graphic designer to start laying down cobblestones, they’re still creating something fantastic for you.


  • They have other projects
  • Ask for a time frame
  • Don't get impatient

4) Don’t Be Controlling

One of the most important points I learned from my experience was that, sometimes, you just need to take a step back. Once you’ve given your examples and you’re guiding them the right way, you should let them do their thing.

Remember, they’re the expert. You hired them for their design skills so let them do the designing. If you’re micro-managing them then they’ll stop having any creative input at all and that’s when your design will start to fall apart.

When you have your design, it's time to celebrate! (And upload to Moteefe of course...)

So, there we have it, these tips cut down the time and stress of the design process and when you have your design you can go to the design-builder to upload it. Now, if you need any help with marketing your new design be sure to check out our blog on the best marketing tips we learned here at Moteefe.

Hopefully, these tips will help you work perfectly with your graphic designer. I'm off to the hangout - I look forward to seeing you there!

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