Step 1
Create your design

Select a product to design and use our designer tool to make it unique. You can upload your own designs or choose from a wide range of fonts and pieces of clip art to create your own design. This is where you let your creativity run wild. The page also shows an estimated cost for us to produce the product – this is the minimum price for which you can sell your product.

Step 2
Finalise your product catalogue

You can add multiple products to offer within your campaign. For each product you select the colours and selling price to create your own, unique collection. You can also see how much profit you will make depending on the amount sold.

Step 3
Create your own campaign page

The key to a successful campaign is to make customers want to buy your clothes. You first set the duration of your campaign after which you can upload videos and pictures, write a description and insert links to create an amazing campaign page to showcase your designs. When you are done you can launch your campaign.

Step 4
Promote and sell

You now have your own campaign page. Moteefe creates a unique URL for you to share your campaign page on social media and via email with friends, family or anybody who you think might be interested. Reach out to your network and followers, launch an advertising campaign on Facebook, be creative!

Step 5
Moteefe does the rest!

When the campaign ends successfully we take care of the sourcing, production, packaging and delivery to all your customers. We will ship all the products within 8-10 working days after the end of the campaign. You don’t have to do anything, just relax and wait for us to transfer you your profits.

So, are you ready to create a product?